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U-KISS Current formation of U-KISS (2019) From left to right: Soohyun, Jun, Hoon Background information Origin Seoul, South Korea Genres K-pop, J-pop Years active 2008 –present Labels NH Media Avex Trax Associated acts uBEAT XING Paran Website u-kiss nhemg _id=2193 Members Soohyun Hoon Jun Past members Alexander Lee Kim Ki-bum Dongho AJ Kevin Kiseop Eli U-KISS ( Korean: 유키스; Japanese: ユーキス) is a South Korean boy band formed by NH Media in 2008. Their name is an acronym, standing for Ubiquitous Korean International Idol Super Star. [1] The group's current lineup is composed of Soohyun, Hoon, and Jun. [2] Their breakthrough hit was " Man Man Ha Ni " (2009) from their EP ContiUKiss. They released their first full-length album, Only One, on February 3, 2010. In September 2011, U-KISS released their second full-length album, NEVERLAND. They made their formal debut in Japan in 2011, with the release of the single " Tick Tack ". [3]   Their second Japanese single was "Forbidden Love", while their first Japanese full-length album was A Shared Dream (2012). Since their debut, U-KISS has released three full-length albums, twelve mini-albums/EPs, one special mini-album (created for their fans), and various singles. They have released seven Japanese full-length albums, one Japanese compilation album, and five Japanese mini-albums/EPs. The group and individual members have also participated in various musicals, radio programs, web shows, TV series, and films. The group have recorded and/or performed songs in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, [4] English, [5] [6] [7] and Spanish. [8] U-KISS has earned 6 entries on Billboard's World Albums chart — Stalker (peaked at #11 on 6. 25. 2016), Mono Scandal (peaked at #14 on 6. 21. 2014), Collage (peaked at #12 on 3. 23. 2013), Stop Girl (peaked at #14 on 10. 6. 2012), The Special To Kissme (peaked at #14 on 6. 2012), and Doradora (peaked at #12 on 5. 12. 2012). [9] In addition, the group has had 9 songs on the Billboard K-POP Top 100 chart. [10] Soohyun earned an entry on Billboard's chart in 2017 with his solo single, "I'll be there", becoming the first U-KISS soloist to gain that recognition. [11] In 2012, U-KISS was the first K-pop group to hold a fan meeting in Cambodia. [12] During that same year, U-KISS was not only the first K-pop act, but also the first Asian group, to perform at the "Los 40 Principales" concert in Colombia. [13] In 2013, U-KISS was the second Korean artist to hold a solo concert in Mexico. [8] U-KISS was also one of the first K-pop groups to release original albums in Japanese. [14] In Japan, they ranked #1 on the Oricon Albums Chart with Action in 2015. [15] 1 History 1. 1 2008: Formation and Debut 1. 2 2009–2010: Line-up change, Only One, and first tours 1. 3 2011–2012: Line-up changes, NEVERLAND, and Japanese debut 1. 4 2013–2014: Collage, Latin American/U. S. /European Tours, and Line-up changes 1. 5 2015: Always, 1st music show win, and Oricon #1 ranking 1. 6 2016–2017: Stalker, Line-up changes, and The Unit 1. 7 2018–Present: 10th anniversary, Line-up changes, and Soohyun's return 2 Philanthropy 3 Endorsements 4 Members 4. 1 Current 4. 2 Former 4. 3 Timeline 5 Discography 6 Filmography 6. 1 Reality shows 7 Awards and nominations 8 References 9 External links History [ edit] 2008: Formation and Debut [ edit] U-KISS was formed as a six-member boy band in 2008. Kibum and Kevin were previously members of the boy band XING, but had left that group in early 2007. The other four members were all individually selected by NH Media through auditions. U-KISS first performed on August 15, 2008, at Power of Atamix 08 in Japan. The group officially debuted in South Korea on August 28, with a live performance of their debut song, "Not Young", on Mnet. [2]   This was followed by the release of their first mini-album, New Generation (N-Generation), on September 3. Although they were newcomers in the industry, U-KISS was considered for a Japan-Korea collaborative project. A Japanese entertainment company, Yashimoto Group, invested 150 billion KRW to groom U-KISS as an internationally known group. 2009–2010: Line-up change, Only One, and first tours [ edit] On February 3, 2009, U-KISS released their second mini-album Bring It Back 2 Old School, with the title song "I Like You", which gained them popularity, especially in Thailand. [16] [17] On November 6, their third mini-album, ContiUKiss, launched Kiseop as the seventh member of the group. The title track, " Man Man Ha Ni ", was released following the change in their line-up. [18] On February 3, 2010, the group's first full-length album, Only One, was released, generating their highest chart-topping single in the Philippines, " Bingeul Bingeul ". [19] The song peaked at #2 on the MYX Music Channel Hit and International Top 20 charts for the period of April 25 - May 1. The support of Filipino fans helped it stay on the Philippines' MYX Music Channel charts for more than a month. [20] The album also topped Hanteo Charts, Hot Tracks, Syn-nara Records, and Evan Records in just one day. [21] U-KISS then played in Malaysia, Mongolia, and Japan to promote the album. [22] [23] U-KISS promoted the album in the Philippines through a series of mall shows, where they sold more than 1, 000 copies in one day, breaking the record for the highest sales in a launch and earning a million pesos. [24] Due to its success, the group had their first major concert in the Philippines, " U-KISS First Kiss Tour in Manila ". [25] [26] [27] [28] [29] [30] On October 4, their fourth mini-album, Break Time, was released along with the title track " Shut Up! ". [31] On December 10, their Japanese compilation album, First Kiss, placed #2 on the Oricon daily charts on the day of its release. In addition to their music career, U-KISS starred in their own variety shows, including All About U-KISS, UKISS Vampire, and Chef Kiss. The members also appeared on other shows. Kevin and Xander hosted the "All About You" segment on Arirang 's radio show Pops in Seoul and were featured on Brave Brother's song "Finally". [32] [33] Eli became a host of MBC's show Fusion. Kiseop starred in a variety show, Uljjang Shidae 2 (Pretty Boys and Girls Season 2), on which Soohyun also appeared as a guest. Dongho made many appearances on shows, including Invincible Baseball Team, Idol Maknae Rebellion, and My Black Mini Dress. [34] Kibum and Eli starred in the Thai drama Autumn's Destiny, in which their voices were dubbed because they couldn't speak Thai. [35] 2011–2012: Line-up changes, NEVERLAND, and Japanese debut [ edit] In 2011, Soohyun was officially appointed the leader of U-KISS. Alexander and Kibum left the group, being replaced by former Paran member Kim Jae-seop (AJ) and a former solo artist, Yeo Hoon-min (Hoon). [36] [37] As a result, a U. album was cancelled due to member termination of contract. [38] On March 30, the new formation of U-KISS released their fifth mini-album, Bran New Kiss, and a new ballad song, "0330". [37] U-KISS released the Japanese version of Bran New Kiss on August 24. [39] The mini-album reached #3 on Japan's daily Oricon Albums Chart. [40] On September 1, U-KISS released their second full-length album, NEVERLAND, with the singles "NEVERLAND" and " Someday ". [41] At the Asia Song Festival in October, The Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange selected U-KISS as an Asia Influential Artist. [42] Soohyun, Dongho, Kiseop, and Hoon filmed a movie, Mr. Idol, with Jay Park, Kim Soo Ro, and Park Yejin, which was released on November 3. [43] On December 14, U-KISS released their first Japanese single, " Tick Tack ", which marked the group's official Japanese debut date. [44] In 2011, Soohyun was ranked #10 by a Korean vocal coach who judged male idols for the best singing talent. The vocal coach rated him highly in the categories of Tone and Expressiveness. [45] Also in 2011, member AJ was accepted to Columbia University in the United States. [46] In 2012, U-KISS was chosen as the #1 Hallyu Group to Watch in Japan, while Kevin was chosen as the Luckiest Hallyu Star of 2012. [47] [48] On February 8, U-KISS participated in the Music Bank concert held in Paris, France. [49] [50] [51] [52] It featured a special presentation by Soohyun singing a duet with Sistar 's Hyolyn of "Love Always Finds a Reason", with the original English lyrics. [5] [53] On February 29, U-KISS released their second Japanese single, Forbidden Love, simultaneously with their first Japanese full-length album, A Shared Dream. [54] [55] [56] [57] "Forbidden Love" ranked #9 on the Oricon Daily Single Chart, while A Shared Dream ranked #6 on the Oricon Daily Album Chart. [58] U-KISS held a sold-out concert tour, [59] "U-KISS 1st Japan Live Tour 2012", in Zepp Hall venues across Japan. [60] [61] The tour lasted from March 2–25. [62] In the second week of June, two additional shows were also sold out. [63] On March 16, Soohyun's first Korean solo single, "Snowman", was digitally released. [64] [65] A DVD titled U-KISS Days in Japan debuted at #8 on the Oricon Daily Chart published on March 30. [66] On April 25, U-KISS released their sixth mini-album in South Korea, DoraDora. [67] [68] In May, "DoraDora" gained the #1 spot on the German Asian Music Chart. [69] On May 12, U-KISS became not only the first K-pop act, but also the first Asian group, to perform in Colombia at "Los 40 Principales" (the biggest pop concert in Latin America) along with Shakira. [13] [67] [70] The group released their seventh mini-album, The Special to Kissme, on June 5. [71] On June 1, the second single from it, "Te Amo", had been released on various music sites and immediately placed #4 on Soribada. On July 2, U-KISS performed at the 2012 K-POP Nation Concert in Macao, along with Girls Generation and SHINee. [72] [73] U-KISS released their third Japanese single, "Dear My Friend", on July 5. It was used as the theme song for a Japanese anime movie, Stormy Night (Secret Friends). [74] [75] [76] On July 29, it was announced during the Japanese Live Tour that AJ would be on hiatus for 5 months, and he would no longer attend U-KISS activities starting in August, in order to concentrate on his studies. [77] According to NH Media, AJ would return in early 2013, therefore the U-KISS comeback in September 2012 would only feature six members. [78] Before AJ's temporary departure from the group, U-KISS attended the A-Nation opening ceremony at the Tokyo National Stadium on August 3. [79] On August 9, 2012, U-KISS represented Korea in Asia Progress M, part of A-Nation, the biggest music festival in Japan. [79] [80] On August 26, the group also performed with Hamasaki Ayumi, M-Flo, and Big Bang at Ajinomoto Stadium. [79] [81] On September 5, U-KISS ended their Japanese tour at the Budokan, where they attracted an audience of 10, 000, their biggest to date. [79] Meanwhile, the group released their fourth Japanese single, "One of You", on September 5. [82] [83] During its first week, it peaked at #1 on the Tower Records weekly chart. [84] On September 14, U-KISS received a special achievement award in recognition of their contribution to the Hallyu Wave. [85] The group attended Arirang TV's celebration event for the milestone of reaching over 100 million clients. [86] At the event, U-KISS was awarded the Special Hallyu Achievement Award from the minister of the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. [85] On September 20, the group released their seventh mini-album, Stop Girl, and planned to actively promote it in 10 countries including Thailand, the Philippines, the United States, and China. [86] [87] The mini-album also included an English version of the title track, "Stop Girl". [6] U-KISS released their fifth Japanese single, "Distance", on December 12. [88] 2013–2014: Collage, Latin American/U. /European Tours, and Line-up changes [ edit] On January 19, 2013, U-KISS participated in the Dream KPOP Fantasy Concert in Manila, Philippines. [89] [90] The Japanese single "Alone" was released on February 13. It was used as the theme song for NHK's TV drama, Bookstore Worker Michiru’s Personal Story. [91] U-KISS released their third full-length album, Collage (featuring AJ), on March 7, while the lead single, "Standing Still" (composed by Ryan Jhun), was released on March 6. [92] [93] The group also performed at the "Formula 1" event held at the Petronas Tower in Malaysia on March 22, sharing the stage with K-pop group 2NE1 and American artists Backstreet Boys and Demi Lovato. [94] The sub-unit uBEAT debuted at the end of April, composed of Eli and AJ, with Kevin featuring as the main vocalist. [95] In June, U-KISS went on tour in Latin America, traveling to Peru, Colombia, and Mexico. [96] The group became the second Korean artist to have a solo concert in Mexico, after JYJ 's Junsu. All 4, 000 tickets were sold out, and fans who couldn't buy tickets sang along with the songs outside the concert hall. U-KISS performed a Spanish version of "Dear My Friend", specially prepared for their Latin American fans. Just the previous year, U-KISS had launched their official South American fan club. [8] On July 13, Soohyun was chosen as the Best Idol Vocal on SBS PowerFM's radio show Boom’s Young Street, after a singing competition judged by Kim Gun Woo. [97] Avex Trax announced that U-KISS would release their second full-length Japanese album, "Inside øf Me", on July 24. In October, it was announced that Dongho was leaving the group, due to health and personal issues. [98] On October 30, U-KISS released their eighth mini-album, Moments, along with the music video for “She’s Mine”. This single mixed R&B and hip-hop, which were genres that the group hadn't tried before. [99] On December 15, U-KISS participated in the 15th Korea-China Music Festival in Beijing. It featured a special presentation by Soohyun singing a duet with Wanting Qu of "You Exist in My Song", with the original Chinese lyrics. [4] Hoon, Soohyun, and Jun greeting fans at U-KISS' London concert during their European tour in 2014 In January 2014, U-KISS toured America, making stops in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Presales of VIP tickets sold out in just 30 seconds for the Los Angeles date, and eight minutes for the one in New York. U-KISS also made media appearances along the way, including an interview on ABC's national TV program, Good Morning, America. [100] [101] [102] [103] [104] On May 15, NH Media announced new member Jun to the public, via U-KISS' official Korean website. Also cited was the extension of rapper/composer AJ's hiatus, as he continued his studies at Columbia University. [105] On June 2, Jun made his first debut with UKISS. They released their 9th mini-album, Mono Scandal, along with the 19+ rated MV for "Quit Playing". [106] With this song, U-KISS become the first boy band to be temporarily banned from broadcast in South Korea for “inappropriate choreography”, causing them to make changes to the original dance routine. [107] On July 5, Soohyun presented fans with a special video of him performing Im Chang-jung ‘s ballad, “Like a Fool”. [108] The "U-KISS JAPAN LIVE TOUR 2014" started with a performance in Tokyo on July 16, toured 12 cities, and attracted a total of about 120, 000 attendees. U-KISS finished the tour with their 2nd performance at the Budokan on September 12, which was called "U-KISS Japan ~Returns in Budokan~". [109] In September, U-KISS held a European tour that visited Moscow, London, and Paris. [110] In Paris, they were the subject of an exclusive video documentary. [111] 2015: Always, 1st music show win, and Oricon #1 ranking [ edit] U-KISS made an appearance on M! Countdown with a performance of their single "Playground" on January 22, 2015. [112] This single was later released along with their tenth mini-album, Always, on January 23. [113] On March 3, U-KISS accepted SBS MTV's The Show - China Choice award for "Playground", their 1st trophy won on a weekly music show. [114] In a February poll conducted by a Japanese portal site about Korean entertainment (), Soohyun won 2nd place in the category for Best Leader. This achievement was even more remarkable because his name hadn't been included as an option on the poll, so he had won as a write-in candidate. [115] U-KISS' 4th Japanese album, Action, was released on March 18. It charted #2 on the Oricon Daily Chart the day of release, and then topped the chart at #1 on the day after release. It also ranked at #4 on the Oricon Weekly Chart, with 20, 297 copies sold. [15] Soohyun and Jun were selected to play main characters in a Korean musical, "RUN TO YOU", which was performed at Tokyo Zepp Blue Theater from June 26–July 5. [116] On August 19, Soohyun released his first Japanese solo single, "Kimi Dake Wo", which also featured a cover version of Tamaki Koji's song "Melody". [117] As part of an ongoing endorsement, the TETSU restaurant chain collaborated with Soohyun on special signage, menu, and prize giveaways at their Tokyo locations during December 2015 - January 2016. [118] [119] The CEO of TETSU personally presented Soohyun with a rare "Gold Card", which entitled him to a lifetime of free meals at the restaurants. [120] U-KISS released their 11th Japanese single, "Stay Gold", on September 9. It charted #2 on the Oricon Daily Chart and #3 on the Oricon Weekly Chart, with a total reported sales of 44, 418. [121] On December 23, U-KISS continued their Japanese promotions with the release of their first Christmas mini-album, simply titled The Christmas Album. 2016–2017: Stalker, Line-up changes, and The Unit [ edit] "Being in one of the longest running idol groups to date, Soohyun has been U-KISS’ main vocalist from the beginning of their careers. Despite changes in line ups, his role and ability was never changed nor questioned as he was always able to establish himself as a stronger vocalist and being more reliable technically than the rest. " –K-pop Vocalists' Vocal Analyses On January 20, 2016, an American vocal coach rated Soohyun as Above Average and the "Strongest vocalist in U-KISS". The vocal coach acknowledged Soohyun's strength and reliability by adding, "Being in one of the longest running idol groups to date, Soohyun has been U-KISS’ main vocalist from the beginning of their careers. " [122] On February 23, U-KISS released their 12th Japanese single Kissing to Feel. This was followed a month later by the release of their fifth Japanese album, One Shot One Kill, on March 23. [123] The "One Shot One Kill" PV was released on March 9. [124] U-KISS' 11th Korean mini-album, Stalker, was released on June 7. [125] [126] Part of the profits from this album was donated to a charity that helps handicapped artists. [127] [128] On August 29, AJ announced that his contract had expired with NH Media, and he officially departed from the group. [129] On February 15, 2017, Hoon released his first Japanese solo single, "Yukizakura", becoming the third U-KISS member to make a solo debut. [130] On March 2, Kevin announced his official departure from the group after his contract had expired with NH Media. U-KISS continued to be active as a five-member group. [131] Soohyun and Eli, the remaining original members, renewed their contracts with NH Media. [132] [133] "U-KISS consists of a handful of very talented singers, but leading that talented group as the dominant main vocal still is Soohyun. ohyun's strong, powerful voice fits any genre of music, whether it be ballad, pop, R&B, trot... " –10 Idol Vocals Whose Group Promotions Weren't Enough to Display Their True Talents On March 18, Soohyun was named one of the 10 Idol Vocals Whose Group Promotions Weren't Enough to Display Their True Talents. The journalist acknowledged Soohyun's musical versatility by adding, "U-KISS consists of a handful of very talented singers, but leading that talented group as the dominant main vocal still is Soohyun. " [134] On May 5, U-KISS was the headline act for a K-pop concert that was a finale of the week-long Seoul Food Festival. They were supported by their label mates, LABOUM. [135] [136] In June–July, Soohyun co-hosted the "Battle K-FOOD" segment in the TV series KBS World Idol Show K-RUSH, along with Yujeong and Soyeon from LABOUM. [137] During the same period, Soohyun appeared as “Smart Smurf” on MBC's TV program King of Mask Singer. He performed a duet with Jang Jae In of "Summer, Please" (winning the 1st round) and a solo cover version of "Love Again". [138] [139] Later that year, Soohyun also made a guest appearance on the survival program MIXNINE, as a representative for NH Media. [140] On July 19, Soohyun released his second Japanese solo single, "I'll be there", which included duets with Jun on the songs "STORY" and "WILD & TOUGH". [141] Soohyun earned an entry on Billboard's chart for "I'll be there", becoming the first U-KISS soloist to gain that recognition. [11]. The release was followed by a concert tour, "SOOHYUN (from U-KISS) FIRST SOLO LIVE 2017 with JUN", featuring musical accompaniment by a live band. Performances were held on July 23 in Osaka and July 25 in Tokyo, with an encore performance later added on September 9 in Tokyo, due to popular demand. [142] As part of an ongoing endorsement, the TETSU restaurant chain collaborated with Soohyun and Jun on special signage, menu, and prize giveaways at their Tokyo locations during July–August. [143] [144] U-KISS contributed a song, "RUN A WAY", to the OST for KBS2's TV drama Manhole, which aired August–September and starred Jaejoong from JYJ. [145] [146] On August 20, U-KISS performed at The Star of Asia music festival in Kazakhstan, where they were presented with a special prize trophy during the broadcast on KAZAKH TV. [147] On September 6, NH Media reported that Kiseop had suffered second degree burn injuries due to an explosion that took place during the group's "FLY" music video filming. They went on to explain that ten fragments of material had become lodged in his body and that he had been transferred to a hospital in Incheon to receive treatment. [148] U-KISS held a tour of Japan called "U-KISS LIVE EVENT 2017 ~Stay with U~", performing September 30 in Chiba, October 7 in Saitama, and October 9 in Osaka. [149] On October 10, U-KISS' Japanese single, “FLY”, ranked #3 on the daily Oricon Singles Chart. This achievement was even more meaningful because all the members took part in producing the EDM-influenced song and its accompanying tracks. [150] [151] Jun made a successful debut as an actor in the tvN television series Avengers Social Club, which aired October 11 - November 16. [152] U-KISS contributed an English-language cover version of Shakira 's "Try Everything" (from the movie Zootopia) to the compilation album Thank You Disney, which was released on October 25. [7] Jun auditioned for the survival program The Unit (which started broadcasting on October 28), and he passed with a "Super Boot". [153] [154] He finished in 1st place and temporarily promoted with The Unit's project boy band UNB, which was active from April 7, 2018 - January 27, 2019. [155] On November 20–21, U-KISS held the "2017 U-KISS FANMEETING IN KOREA ~KISS HOLIC~". [156] On December 9, U-KISS put on a special concert in Tokyo for an ongoing endorsement with CHIC-Smart electric scooters. [157] Soohyun performed a series of solo concerts with live piano accompaniment, "SOOHYUN (from U-KISS) X'mas DINNER SHOW 2017”, on December 24 in Tokyo and December 26 in Osaka. [158] On December 26, U-KISS released a Korean digital single, “Ready for U”. [159] [160] On December 28, Soohyun enlisted in the Army for his mandatory military service. [161] [162] This was preceded and followed by digital releases of his Japanese solo single "YOURS" on December 27, and his Korean solo single "YOU" on December 29. [163] [164] On its release date, “YOURS” reached #1 on the K-POP Life daily singles chart. [165] 2018–Present: 10th anniversary, Line-up changes, and Soohyun's return [ edit] On January 24, 2018, Hoon released his second Japanese solo single, “Anniversary”, which ranked #9 on the daily Oricon Singles Chart. The song was also used in an endorsement for T&G wedding planners. [166] His first solo concert, "HOON (from U-KISS) PREMIUM SOLO LIVE ~1st Anniversary~", was held in Tokyo on January 31. [167] On March 31, U-KISS released their 7th Japanese full-length album, LINK, which included songs recorded by Soohyun before his enlistment. It ranked #3 on the daily Oricon Albums Chart. [168] In April–May, Jun appeared as “Compass” on MBC's TV program King of Mask Singer. He performed a duet with Lee Sang-hoon of "It Was Like That Then" (winning the 1st round) and a solo cover version of "Eraser". [169] [170] Jun made his second acting appearance in the MBC television series Goodbye to Goodbye, which aired May 26 - August 4. [171] [172] All the members of U-KISS (including Soohyun, who was on temporary leave from military duty) celebrated the 10th anniversary of their Korean debut. [173] [174] On October 10, the group returned with their 15th Japanese single "Scandal", [175] which ranked #8 on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 chart. [176] On December 19, U-KISS released their 8th Japanese full-length album, Glory, which featured a Christmas song for the title track. The song was used in an endorsement for Huis Ten Bosch, one of the biggest theme parks in Japan. [177] Jun closed out the year by winning two prestigious acting awards. At the Korea Culture and Entertainment Awards on November 28, he won as Best New Actor. [178] [179] Then at the 2018 MBC Drama Awards on December 30, he won again as Best New Actor. [180] [181] On March 18, 2019, Hoon enlisted in the Marine Corp for his mandatory military service, becoming one of the few kpop idols to join that tougher branch of the armed forces. [182] [183] On April 10, Jun released his first Japanese solo single, "Phenomenal World", which explored the futurepop genre. He had already successfully completed his first solo showcase in front of a crowd of over 700 fans in Tokyo on February 4. Prior to the release, he also held a series of concerts, "JUN (from U-KISS) 1st Event 2019 ~Phenomenal World~", on April 6 in Osaka and April 8 in Tokyo. [184] [185] Tower Records Japan ranked "Phenomenal World" as the #7 best-selling Japanese single by a Korean artist for the first half of 2019. [186] [187] On May 16, nhemg (NH Media) announced that Eli and Kiseop left the group after their contracts expired with the agency. [188] Jun made his third acting appearance in the OCN television series Class of Lies, which aired July 17 - September 5. [189] On September 1, Soohyun completed his mandatory military service and was discharged from the Army. [190] [191] Soon after, "Soohyun & Jun (from U-KISS) Fan Meeting in SEOUL ~autumn memory~" was held on September 22–23. [192] [193] This was followed on September 27 by the release of a live video of Soohyun performing his Korean solo song, "YOU". [194] On November 6, Jun released both a Korean and Japanese version of his solo single, "My Way", for which he wrote the lyrics. The single featured rapper Reddy and was produced by Sway D. [195] Two videos were also distributed, one for each version. [196] After a digital download was released on October 30, the Japanese version ranked #2 on the K-POP Life weekly singles chart. [197] To honor the 8th anniversary of U-KISS' Japanese debut on December 14, Soohyun will hold an anniversary talk and video screening of "JUN (from U-KISS) 1st Event 2019 ~Phenomenal World~" in Tokyo. [198] Soohyun's 4th Japanese solo single, his version of the U-KISS song "Glory", will be released on December 25 to celebrate Christmas. It will also include an acoustic version of his previous solo single, "YOURS". The release will be proceeded by live events on December 13 in Tokyo and December 15 in Kanagawa. [199] Jun’s first Korean solo album will also be released in early December. [200] [201] [202] On January 22, 2020, Jun will release his first Japanese solo mini-album, titled 22. It will be accompanied by live events on January 19 in Osaka and January 24 in Tokyo. [203] On October 20, Hoon will complete his mandatory military service and be discharged from the Marine Corp. [182] [183] Philanthropy [ edit] On June 7, 2011, U-KISS – along with other K-pop groups including 2NE1, MBLAQ, 4minute, FT Island, and B2ST – held a special show called "Seoul-Osaka Music of Hearts", raising funds to help victims of the 2011 Japan earthquake. [204] [205] Earlier in March of that year, U-KISS had volunteered to take part in another fundraising concert put on by veteran Korean singers for the same cause, where they worked together with several boy and girl bands to answer donation phone calls. [206] On June 18, 2012, U-KISS became the first K-pop group to hold a fan meeting in Cambodia, called "Share The Love Charity Concert". The fan meeting led to a charity organization in a nearby school, where members interacted with the children, passing out baseball bats and other baseball equipment. The show, as a part of the benefit project, was sponsored by famous Cambodians and was even attended by the Prime Minister of Cambodia, Hun Sen. [207] [12] [208] On February 1, 2013, Soohyun and Kevin hosted a charity event for Jakarta after the heavy flooding in Indonesia. They auctioned 2 CDs, with which they interacted to raise the value, along with clothing that they'd worn. Two albums were auctioned live, with total proceeds of Rp3. 500. 000 (roughly US$350). The two members also held a press conference explaining why their showcase would be postponed to April. Along with the press conference, they also visited Pluit, where they held the charity session and interacted with kids who were affected by the flooding. [209] [210] [211] On June 6, 2016, U-KISS revealed that a portion of the proceeds from their Stalker album sales would be donated to the Culture and Arts Education Division of AbleArt Center, which helps handicapped artists. [127] [128] Endorsements [ edit] U-KISS has appeared in numerous endorsement deals in Korea and Japan, both as a group and as individual members. Their group endorsements have included Vons Chicken, [212] [213] JOFF sportswear, [214] Herbalife Nutrition, [215] Zoff eyewear, [216] CHIC-Smart electric scooters [157], and Huis Ten Bosch theme park. [177] Photos of the members were featured on Visa credit cards issued by The Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (one of Japan's top three banks). Card users accumulated points that could be redeemed for U-KISS merchandise. U-KISS was the first K-pop band to be featured on Sumitomo's Visa cards. [217] U-KISS also collaborated with Dresscode Inc to create special clothing for their Korean album, Only You. [218] Members' individual endorsements have included Dongji Naengmyeon noodles (Dongho), [219] Paichai University (Soohyun), [220] TETSU restaurant chain (Soohyun), [118] [119] [143] [144] T&G wedding planners (Hoon), [166] and Burger King (Jun with UNB). [221] Members [ edit] Current [ edit] Soohyun (수현) Hoon (훈) (inactive due to military service) Jun (준) Former [ edit] Alexander (알렉산더) Kibum (기범) AJ (에이제이) Kevin (케빈) Dongho (동호) Eli (이라이) Kiseop (이기섭) Timeline [ edit] Black - hiatus Discography [ edit] Korean albums Only One (2010) Neverland (2011) Collage (2013) Japanese albums A Shared Dream (2012) Inside øf Me (2013) Memories (2014) Action (2015) One Shot One Kill (2016) U-KISS Solo & Unit ALBUM (2017) Link (2018) Glory (2018) Filmography [ edit] Reality shows [ edit] 2009: You Know U-KISS 2009: All About U-KISS 2010: U-KISS Vampire 2010: Chef KISS 2013: U-KISSme? 2013: Kanzume!! TV Magazine Show 2014: Go U-KISS! 2014–present: U-KISS no Teatarishidai 2019: U-KISS no MassisoU Awards and nominations [ edit] List of awards and nominations received by U-KISS References [ edit] ^ "U-KISS | Korean Pop Singer – U-KISS(유키스), korean star". Archived from the original on February 2, 2010. 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T team up for a mouthwatering 'Burger King' CF". allkpop. External links [ edit] Wikimedia Commons has media related to U-KISS. Official website (in Korean) Official website (in Japanese).

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Thank you Thespian Family I know you understand Everything, peace and love, Doug: <3

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Watch full length just one more kiss album. この頃のアッちゃんが あんな風に笑うのは珍しい ちょっと可愛くてホッコリするなぁ…. Watch Full Length Just One More kiss chris brown. Watch full length just one more kiss live. I'm gonna change my name. Call me Alice. Oh man this guy waited 24 years I shouldn't be so pissed about 2 weeks. Jokes aside, this song is gold.

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Watch full length just one more kiss songs. Watch full length just one more kiss free. Watch Full Length Just One More kiss of life. Hello, I’m new here. I posted briefly about our situation several days ago. You were a great help in helping me prepare for our day and to bring some things that helped us enjoy our time with our sweetheart. But I wanted to share our full story now that we’re on the other side of the hardest day of our life. My husband and I had to make the difficult “decision” to TFMR this Tuesday, February 18th at 22+3. I use quotation marks because I don’t believe it was ever really a choice or decision we had. It just was. This was our little girl’s story right from the beginning; we just didn’t find out about her difficult journey until after we thought we were safe from losing her. Bear with me, as I tend to pour my heart out once I start, and I know this will probably turn out longer than I originally anticipate. I apologize in advance. My pregnancy had been going well, despite a subchorionic hemorrhage around 5 weeks that cleared up around 9 weeks and a slip on the stairs around 14 weeks. We received no call and no news about the genetic screening for a few common chromosomal disorders at 16 weeks. My morning (all day) sickness and pure zombie exhaustion had disappeared at the beginning of the second trimester. I went in for my 20 week scan on Feb. 3 and was told I’d have to come back because babe was being stubborn and they couldn’t determine gender or get good images of their heart. I was bummed, because we were supposed to get gender results that Thursday when we went to see my OBGYN about the scan. In knowing this, my husband and I decided to go try to get a last minute appointment at a boutique ultrasound company and pay out of pocket for an ultrasound. They wouldn’t be able to diagnose or share anything medical, as their only role was to take images, share them, and determine gender for us. We got the last appointment on Feb. 5. They knew why we were there and that we hadn’t seen my OBGYN after our 20 anatomy scan. The tech hesitated, since they’re not supposed to share anything medical-wise, but before she could tell us gender, she said she was noticing a cleft lip. My husband and I were shocked that she even said something and we said nothing. She then told us our little one was a girl (hooray - such a happy moment! ), but not 30 seconds later she trailed off again, hesitant, before also telling us it looks like she had a clubfoot. My husband and I cried that evening as we tried processed what we had been told that evening, so unsure about anything as we hadn’t heard it from a doctor, radiologist, or specialist. It was so much information to receive in 16 minutes time without any clue on what was actually going on. We researched everything before our meeting with our OBGYN the following morning. Our OBGYN confirmed the next morning that it appeared our daughter had a cleft lip and bilateral club feet. She also shared that it looked like her kidney was also enlarged. Because there were multiple defects showing up, she was referring us to the genetics department at a different hospital. She hoped we would get some answers about our daughter from the team there. We spent the next 6 days hoping that this was all she had, while still trying to manage expectations and planning for worst case scenarios. Basic searches weren’t promising since she was presenting with multiple issues. But I couldn’t play the “worst case scenario game. ” That’s not what was happening to us. Life was just going to be a little different than we expected. We could support our daughter in correcting her cleft lip and possible palate. We would ensure she received the best and quickest care to reposition her feet. Maybe her enlarged kidney was just due to a fluid build up and it would resolved on its own. We became fully invested in re-envisioning our daughter’s new reality and how that would impact her life and our life. We knew all the timelines and common procedures to help her overcome the challenges she was being faced with. I even found small businesses that made cozy covers for the “boots and bar” brace that children with clubfeet have to wear during their bracing period. We confided in our parents and closest friends, but didn’t want to involve many more people than that since we didn’t yet have clear answers. Feb. 12 was the day of our meeting with the genetics team, which involved a genetics counsellor, ultrasound nurse, fetal medicine fellow, a fetal medicine attending, and a handful of lab techs. This also so happened to be the day before my husband’s birthday (happy birthday... ). Before the fetal ultrasound assessment began, we spoke to the genetics counsellor about our family history, with no red flags popping up. She also informed us that our girl’s enlarged kidney was actually multi-cystic. It was our first red flag warning of the day. She asked a bunch of questions as to what we wanted to know today, at one point saying something like, her clubfeet may also include nerve damage and may not really be clubfeet, even though that’s what they look like on the scan and we may not know until birth “if you choose to continue the pregnancy. ” Red flag warning #2. Still, I didn’t see it. I brushed it off as something she “has to” say. We went into the ultrasound to see our little girl, and the news continued to get worse with each new scan and angle. The only non-shock of the day was that she still had bilateral clubfoot (both of them). Her cleft lip was definitely a cleft palate as well. Her kidney was definitely enlarged and multi-cystic. It was alarming how many cysts there were. It was non functioning and would either shrivel and die in her body or need to be surgically removed. The other one would have to function perfectly or she would need to be on dialysis or receive a transplant. She also only had a single umbilical artery, when you are supposed to have two. She is in the 1% of babies that have this issue. It is an indicator of chromosomal abnormalities. Then it came to look at her heart. They still couldn’t get a perfect angle of it, but from what they could see, they said it was an incredibly complex congenital heart defect, with multiple deficits - affecting the sizes of the aorta on both ends, the ventricle walls that had a hole between them, and the general formation of the heart’s arteries was not correct. The doctor confirmed that the underlying reason of why all of these organ, skeletal, and orofacial defects presenting together is likely due to a chromosomal abnormality. There was also a high likelihood that it would affect her neurologically and/or intellectually. Her brain formation appeared normal, but the doctor said there was still a lot of brain development that needed to occur before reaching full term, and he wasn’t sure what that would look like for her, based on the current findings. We wouldn’t know the full extent until after birth. The big “if” word came up again, saying that if we decided to continue with the pregnancy they’d get a fetal cardiac physician to take a closer look at her heart. Additionally, we would have to travel out of province to do any of the surgeries for her heart that she would require shortly after birth. All of these could be dealt with if found separately, but there was grave concern for what is causing all of these abnormalities and how all of these things would be need to be addressed early. They would compound onto and affect one another. Our innocent newborn girl would be in pain and suffering. If she could make it to term. I had an amniocentesis done and my husband and I both had blood drawn for further genetic testing to see if these were genetic in nature, chromosomal, or if there was a likelihood of a reoccurrence in any additional pregnancies. We were to receive the first part of the results on Friday, Feb. 14 and the second microarrays anywhere from 2-4 weeks later. Because I was currently pulling up on 21 weeks, I would need to make a decision relatively soon, as they prefer to TFMR before 24 weeks (for logistical, medical, and probably legal reasons). My husband and I were devastated. We went into the day with our line being that we did not want our girl to suffer or live a short and/or painful life. We were living our worst case scenario. Our daughter, knowing what we currently knew, would suffer a great deal, be in constant pain from surgeries, have difficulty breathing, struggle with feeding (and therefore have trouble keeping up her weight and strength for all the necessary surgeries and interventions), require physical and mobility interventions that would probably need to be pushed to the wayside to accommodate all her heart surgeries and cleft palate and lip surgeries, further pushing back chances for success for her increasing her mobility, and possibly face other renal issues with only having one functioning kidney. PLUS what we hadn’t yet discovered about her neurological and intellectual functioning and any other missing pieces to the puzzle, and how all of these issues would affect her quality of life long-term. This is where I felt like we were never really being given a choice. The answer was there all along. And we did not want her to suffer, no matter how much we wished she would never have to. She would, if she made it to term. We sat on it for the next two days, discussing it at length, going over everything we had learned, discussed outcomes, and what she deserved. What was the best for her. How this would ultimately play out and impact our life, in addition to her’s. Because as much as we didn’t want to believe it, this did impact our lives as well. Our “choice” was ultimately based on what was best for her, but we did include ourselves into the equation, as her parents. Could we really stand idly by and watch her suffer through this, knowing we had been the ones to let it happen? Does she deserve to be in constant pain from any one of her abnormalities? How would they interact and affect one another? It was beyond difficult to try and plan for any other “what ifs” and scenarios. We wished so badly to see into the future to help us with this impossible task. The first set of amnio results came on Friday - everything was all clear. No T13 like they thought it might be. Another blow. Still no answers. We knew that we may never receive answers, so we couldn’t solely base our “decision” on results that may never come. We had to make it based on what we knew and what the doctors said was likely. We decided we could not let our daughter suffer, live a life of pain, or live a short one full of pain. It broke our hearts. We have so much love for our daughter. Our first child. First pregnancy. First try. We met our gorgeous daughter and said goodbye to her after a 10 hour L&D on Tuesday, February 18th. She was born sleeping, 1lb 1oz of pure perfection in our eyes. I’m so beyond grateful for the time we had with her - the cuddles, kisses, handprints, footprints, and photos. But it was not enough. It will never be enough. I am longing to hold her again. Wrap her tiny fingers around mine. Kiss her head. Get one last glance. I touch my empty, flabby belly, that was hard with her kicks and jabs just 2 days ago. I don’t know how we got here. Why this happened. How our whole world changed upside down in the span of 12 days. I don’t know how we move forward in this world without her. With what should have and could have been. I also had a D&C and two cervical tears (still not sure how how that may impact things in the future). I’m off work for a few weeks (I teach grade one and two... ) but I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to go back. Or re-enter society. I just want to be a mother. And I know I am always going to be her mother and get to parent in a different way now, but I just want her here. Safe. Healthy. With us. I know my husband and I are in the thick of this right now. But we’re taking it hour by hour as new emotions surface and change shape so rapidly. I’m unfortunately not unfamiliar with the grieving process, as I lost my father almost 3 years ago when I was 24. But this is a completely different kind. Thank you for reading all of that. Only our closest family members and friends know the truth, and we’re slowly inviting others into our reality (with less specific information, in particular the TFMR aspect, as it makes us feel so vulnerable to share that piece). I’m so sad that we’re all here, but I’m hoping to feel less alone with all of you.

Watch Full Length Just One More. Watch Full Length Just One More kiss forever. INTRODUCTION I didn’t always have a cuckold fantasy. Like many others I’ve spoken to it’s something that developed slowly over a long period of time, and for me, the process started with trauma. In high school I dated a girl named Alex. She was my first girlfriend, my first kiss, and the girl I lost my virginity to. Our relationship was mostly teenage puppy love and for the brief time that we did date, things were mostly good. That changed once we graduated from high school. Alex went off to college in the summer leaving me behind as I didn’t start until the fall semester. The distance was tough and gradually I began to suspect something was wrong. Fast forward a couple of months and I learned the truth. Alex and I sat in my car in the parking lot of a Starbucks days after she returned from summer semester, and she confessed to me amid tears that she had slept with someone else. “It only happened one time, " she said. “It was an accident, ” she insisted. “I love you, ” she assured me. As you can imagine, I was hurt. I loved this girl and she traded our relationship for a night of drunken sex. We didn’t break up though. I was young and stupid, so I stuck around because I thought forgiveness was the mature thing to do. But things didn’t last long. We stayed together for 3 more months. And in a strange turn of events, I found myself in possession of her Facebook login information, so I decided to do some digging. I knew the name of the guy she’d slept with and I decided to read their messages. I learned a lot more than I bargained for. I learned they had sex more than once and that it was the best sex Alex ever had. All their playful flirting made me sick to my stomach. The heart emojis. The winky faces. And then I stumbled on a comment that made me want to die. “You’re so much bigger than my boyfriend, ” she said. “You mentioned that, ” he wrote back. Reading that fucked me up. I immediately knew I never wanted to see her again. That might sound petty, but the male ego is a fragile thing. I was hurt and I knew she couldn’t do anything to make me feel better. So I called her. I told her what I did, what I read. And I told her never to contact me again. We haven’t spoken since. As time went by I began to heal. I focused on my studies, making new friends, and started going to the gym for the first time in my life. Despite the blow to my self-esteem, I developed a second wind of confidence and promised myself I’d move on and become a better, stronger person. However, those thoughts still lingered in my mind. I tried not to think about what I’d read, but I began to look at myself with a critical eye. I saw other men in the gym at school and I felt small. I wasn’t very tall and I must’ve weighed 140 pounds soaking wet. This made me very insecure about my masculinity. Then one day something happened. I don’t know how I got there, but amidst a fog of confusion, jealousy, and arousal I found myself in a bathroom stall in the physics building at 10 pm jerking off to the thought of my ex-girlfriend enjoying a much bigger dick. I couldn’t get the thought out of my head. I fantasized about her pulling his pants down and seeing it for the first time - the shocked expression, the audible gasp, the excitement on her face, the flattering compliments. “You’re so much bigger than my boyfriend! ” Then I came, hard. I immediately felt disgusted with myself. I was ashamed. But slowly those bitter feelings gave way to newer, better feelings. It was as if I had gotten over the hump of denial and accepted the truth: Brian had a bigger dick than I do and he fucked my girlfriend. The pain of that thought was too much to handle, and the only way to truly accept it was to learn to like it. That was the start of my journey. PART I A few months later I met a girl named Hayden. She had a class with a friend of mine and he invited her to go bowling with us one Friday night. Much to his chagrin, she took an interest in me and by the end of the night, I had her number. Soon enough we were spending all of our time together. I was in love, and for the first time I felt like someone really, truly loved me back. Hayden and I were very similar. We both had bad dating experiences at the beginning of college. I got cheated on and she lost her virginity to some guy she met at a party who never called her back. We found kinship in that. As shy introverts, neither one of us had ever been very popular. We vowed to help each other come out of our shells and become more confident, capable people. A big part of our commitment revolved around fitness. Neither one of us was very athletic at the time and we wanted to change that. We wanted to feel confident and proud of our bodies. So we started lifting weights together and eating better. Once we started seeing results we were hooked and felt invincible. Two years went by. Hayden and I were deeply in love. We had countless memories together: Disney World, college football games, hayrides in the fall, concerts, hiking, and long road trips just the two of us. We were happy. Our sex life was amazing too. We were both very vanilla, but the emotional bond we had developed was strong and the sex was always very passionate. We made love daily. And my god, she gave me the most incredible blowjobs I’d ever had. Our commitment to fitness had paid off. I had gained a good 25 pounds and looked a lot healthier. My posture was better, I had some muscles, and had even garnered compliments from men and women alike, which was new for me. Hayden had changed too. She was participating in weight lifting competitions and her body was incredible. It seemed like overnight my girlfriend became a total smoke show. I found her attractive from the day I met her, but now she was hot. Like, really hot. A little more about Hayden: she’s only 5’0 and very petite, with a natural hourglass figure, thick thighs, a great ass, and a tiny waist. She has short brown hair styled in a chin-length bob. Usually, she straightens her hair, but it was naturally wavy. Her skin is very fair with freckles across her cheeks, nose, and the tops of her shoulders. And her best feature, in my opinion, is her bright blue eyes. They are captivating. For reference, her celebrity lookalike is Alison Brie. So there I am with a (hot) girlfriend of two years, both of us very happy and in love with a great sex life. And yet, those thoughts and feelings I had years prior never went away. I knew Hayden had been intimate with 2 other guys before me, neither of whom I’d met. I always wondered who they were, what they looked like, and if they were bigger than me. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t shake the fantasy. Maybe my consumption of porn helped fuel my desire, maybe not. Either way, all I could think about was sharing Hayden with someone better. Despite my progress in the gym, I still felt puny. I felt less than. I knew my dick was small, but I also knew Hayden was happy and satisfied. Still, I couldn’t help but wonder if she would enjoy more than I could give. After years of secrecy, I finally mustered up the courage to tell her about my fantasy. We were laying in bed one night just after having sex and I asked her if she had any fantasies. “Not really, ” she said. She was being timid and quickly flipped the question on me. That was my cue. I told her I wanted to share her. She sat up in the bed and looked at me, completely shocked. “What? Really!? ” I didn’t tell her every detail of my fantasy right there, but I told her that I thought she was incredibly sexy and deserved to be shared. I told her I wanted to watch, not participate. I didn’t tell her I felt inadequate as a man, and I didn’t tell her I wanted nothing more than to see her take a big dick. That would come later. We talked about my fantasy for a while. She was taken aback and hurt. She asked if I even loved her at all. I thought I screwed up and I felt terrible. I assured her that I loved her more than anything, and I explained that I fantasized about seeing her experience pleasure. She was the object of my desire and adoration, after all. To make a long story short, this conversation became a recurrence for several months and, slowly but surely, Hayden warmed up to the idea. First I asked her to play with a toy while I watched. She’d use her vibrator, sliding it in and out of her pussy while looking at me. She’d press it against her clit and orgasm while we gazed into each other’s eyes and kissed. Sometimes I’d help her use the toy, or hold her while she played with herself. It was electrifying. Then we started experimenting with dirty talk during sex. I’d tell her what I wanted to watch her do, or how much I’d love to watch her cum with someone else. Eventually, we tried to role play. And after one exceptionally hot session, I asked her if she’d like to take things a step further and try this for real. “I think so, ” she replied. I was ecstatic. We spent the next month planning and getting things in motion. We decided to start with just a blowjob. That felt like the safest first step. But where would we find a willing participant? Hayden and I wanted to keep this a secret, so we were reluctant to ask a friend and didn’t want to use Tinder just in case someone we knew saw her on there. That’s when I revealed another layer of my fantasy to her. I told her I wanted to see her play with a big dick. “Seriously? ” Seriously. I told her I knew I was on the smaller side and wanted to see her enjoy something bigger. She was nervous about that. A close friend of hers had been very clear about her preference for larger men and had encouraged Hayden to "go big" sometime. Hayden admitted that the thought of a big dick excited her and she found them to be visually appealing, but she was nervous about actually taking one because she was so small and tight. Nonetheless, she agreed to suck one. She wanted to fulfill my fantasy, and who knows, maybe she'd like it? The problem now was how do we find someone big and willing to let me watch? That’s when Hayden mentioned Sean. I had heard her talk about him before. All I knew was that she sucked his dick once a few weeks before we met. But now I got the whole story. Hayden had met Sean at college orientation and he was the first guy she was interested in our freshman year. They didn’t hang out very long though. Hayden wanted a boyfriend and Sean wasn’t interested in being tied down. Then she told me she almost lost her virginity to him. They had hooked up one night after a frat party and when Sean pulled out his dick, Hayden refused to have sex with him. So he settled for a blowjob. “He was so big, I thought he would hurt me. ” My mind was racing. How big is this guy? “It’s the biggest dick I’ve ever seen, ” she said while laughing. I guess a girl never forgets a big dick! The friend who had encouraged her to try a big one knew about Sean and tried to convince Hayden to hook up with him again. She almost did, but she was too scared to contact him after turning him down that first time. And later she found out he had slept with one of the girls across the hall in her dorm. She didn't want to be another notch in his bedpost. I had already made up my mind at this point. I asked Hayden if she’d hook up with him again and after some deliberation, she agreed. He wasn’t a part of our friend group and neither of us knew anyone else in his fraternity. So we figured it was a potentially safe bet. And Hayden was attracted to him, which was important. Above all, I wanted her to enjoy this. It had been three years since she spoke to him, but they were still friends on Facebook. We discovered Sean was newly single since his girlfriend had graduated the year prior and moved away. Hayden messaged him and they chatted back and forth until she asked if he’d like to grab a cup of coffee sometime and catch up. Sean agreed. Hayden’s little date with him was a few days later on a Thursday afternoon. I told her to dress cute, so she wore a white “Vote for Pedro” T-shirt and jean shorts with a pair of red Vans. About an hour after they first sat down I got a text saying “he’s interested. ” I couldn’t believe it. Hayden came home and told me everything. Sean was curious, but he hadn’t said yes. He thought it was a joke at first, then thought it was a setup, and finally he agreed to meet both of us for a conversation. He wanted to hear it from the horse’s mouth. A few days after that we all met at a brewery next door to Hayden’s apartment. I was extremely nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know what he was going to think of me. Would he make a scene? I had no idea. Right as we sat down, Sean came in. I had seen pictures of him from Facebook, but seeing him in the flesh was intimidating. He was 6’4 with broad shoulders and a strong build. I felt small again. My hands were clammy as he came up to us. Hayden gave him a hug then we shook hands. “Nice to meet finally meet you, ” he said. “I’ve heard a lot about you! ” We all laughed. “Nice to meet you too, ” I said. “I’m gonna go grab a beer, then we can talk. " Hayden and I sat there while he went to the bar. My heart was racing. I felt queasy. I was shaky. It was a strange mix of nervousness and excitement. Sean came back and we made some small talk for a few minutes, mostly about football season, graduation, etc. Finally, we got down to business. “So Hayden tells me you want to watch her with another guy, ” Sean said. “That true? ” “Yeah, I want to share her. ” “That's pretty wild, ” he says. “Have you guys done it before? ” "Nope, " I said. I told him this was a big fantasy of mine and we had agreed to give it a try since it was our last year of college. Sean turned to Hayden, "and you're okay with this? " "Yeah, I'm into it. I think it’ll be fun, " she said back. “Why me? ” He asked. “Well, " I said, "Hayden tells me you have a big dick an-” Sean laughed aloud and looked over at Hayden. “What! It’s true! ” she said. I felt so awkward. I’m really gonna ask this stranger if I can watch my girlfriend suck his dick? "Wow, " he said, "okay, okay. Yeah, I do. " “How big are you, anyway? ” I asked. I'll never forget his answer, “8. 3 to 9 inches, depending on the humidity. ” Holy shit, I thought. He must’ve seen the shock on my face, “I’m pretty blessed. ” Anyway, our meeting went well, and Sean agreed to join us on our adventure. We told him we weren’t sure if we’d like this, but we wanted to give it a try and test the waters with a blowjob before diving in headfirst. He was fine with that. Even if things went terribly wrong he’d get a blowjob out of it, and Hayden and I would know this lifestyle wasn’t for us. We agreed on a date for our first tryst and asked Sean to get himself tested at the campus health center beforehand. The next day I was sitting in my room, alone. I got my dick hard and put a ruler up against it. I was just under the 5 inch mark. I moved my index finger up to about 8. 5 inches and contemplated the difference between us and what it would mean for Hayden. Holy fucking shit. PART II Like I said previously, Hayden and I had a great sex life together. We were very vanilla, but at the time, we were satisfied with things. We had sex nearly every day. She gave me incredible blowjobs, I loved going down on her, and sex would usually last 10 minutes or so. We stuck to the basic positions most of the time and had very passionate sex. But every now and then, we’d fuck like animals. I’d pound her as hard as I could for as long as I could. She always enjoyed the rougher stuff, but I was far too nice to really give it to her. I didn’t want to hurt her. I could never really manhandle Hayden either. Despite her being only 5’0 tall and about 110 pounds, I wasn’t strong enough to pick her up and toss her around like a rag doll. That was something I wanted her to experience though, even if I couldn’t be the one to give it to her. I knew she’d like feeling small, dainty, and vulnerable. And that’s exactly why I wanted a big guy like Sean to have a go at her. Hayden and I had a ton of sex, but outside of me, she wasn’t very experienced. She had given a couple blowjobs here and there and had two one-night-stands before she met me. So the thought of my sexually inexperienced, very vanilla girlfriend getting paired up with some big, strong guy with a huge dick got both of us super excited. The days leading up to our rendezvous with Sean were surreal. I knew what was coming and had fantasized about it for years, but I was not prepared to witness it. I don’t think I could’ve been. It's like this: I had always seen snapshots in my mind; I envisioned singular moments, not a long and drawn out reality. For me, the thought of her giving a blowjob to someone else was like having a photograph of her with someone else. I wasn't prepared to see it unfold and sit there for the full duration. We were both excited and talked about it endlessly, but I was far more nervous than she was. The day finally came. Friday, September 19th 2014. We met Sean at the same brewery as last time. Hayden and I both ordered a beer and a shot to calm the nerves. Sean showed up a few minutes later. He brought his test results with him and dropped them on the table in front of us. Hayden looked them over and handed them to me. He was clean. He ordered a beer and came back to our table. My stomach was in knots, I felt sick, and I was trembling. I think I was on the verge of a panic attack because I barely had the strength to hold my beer glass. We made small talk again, mostly about the football game the next day and our high hopes for the current season since our college had done exceptionally well the year prior. I remember Sean telling us his fraternity was having a tailgate party and he could get us in if we wanted to come drink for free, but my mind was elsewhere. I didn't have much to contribute to the conversation; I could barely think straight. We didn’t stay at the brewery very long. Hayden and Sean finished their beers quickly, but I couldn’t get mine down. The nervousness had completely killed my appetite. Sean went to the bathroom and we decided to head back to the apartment once he returned. Hayden was wearing tight jeans and a tasteful, black crop top. You could see her stomach and belly button. All those squats had paid off because her ass looked incredible in those jeans. She had straightened her hair and put on makeup that night too. Bright red lipstick, a little blush, and perfect winged eyeliner, just like Sophia Loren. She looked so damn cute. And she was about to suck Sean’s cock right in front of me. We got up to Hayden’s apartment. I watched her fumble with the keys to unlock the door. She wasn’t nervous though, just tipsy. Hayden had a roommate, Toni, but she wasn’t home that night. We made our way to her bedroom. I asked Sean if he wanted some water. “Yeah, sure, ” he said. I poured water for him and myself. Hayden went into the bathroom, closed the door, and turned the fan on. Sean was sitting on her bed when I came in. I handed him the water and then took a seat at Hayden’s desk. We sat there in silence for a few moments. My heart was pounding out of my chest and I wondered if Sean could hear it or tell how nervous I was. Her room was small. The bathroom was at the back of the room, with a tiny closet. She had a desk and a chair next to the closet, then her full-sized bed and a table, with a tall window behind the headboard. I was sitting maybe 10 feet away from Sean, so I had a great view of the action. Hayden came out of the bathroom and sat on my lap. She looked me in the eyes and asked, “well baby, are you ready? ” “I’m ready, ” I said back quietly. I felt sick. Hayden grabbed my face and kissed me. A long, passionate kiss. Then she got up and walked over to Sean. He was sitting on the edge of the bed leaning back with his hands spread on the mattress. She stepped right between his legs and put her hands on his knees. They both smiled at each other. “Are you ready? ” she asked. “I am, ” he said. Sean grabbed Hayden’s chin with one hand and used his thumb to caress her bottom lip. He pulled her in and they kissed a few times. Hayden reached down for his belt and started unbuckling his pants. After a few more kisses she dropped to her knees. Sean stood up and his jeans fell to his ankles. Hayden reached for his underwear next, but Sean grabbed her hands and stopped her from pulling them down. His bulge was huge. He looked over at me. “Are you sure you want this? ” Hayden looked over at me too and we made eye contact for a moment. She wanted this. “Yeah, I do, ” I said shakily. Sean looked back down at Hayden and let go of her hands. She bit her lip and pulled his underwear down, revealing the biggest dick I have ever seen in my life. My heart sank deep into my stomach. Sean kicked his underwear and jeans aside, while Hayden grabbed his dick and began stroking him slowly. I could only see her from the side, but I could tell she was grinning. His flaccid dick put my 5 inches to shame. Only a few seconds in and both my mind and my heart were racing uncontrollably. My beautiful girlfriend was on her knees in front of another man, stroking his huge dick. Holy. Fucking. Shit. Hayden began using both hands as his dick grew. I was awestruck. I’d never seen a dick that big. It's no wonder Hayden turned him down when she was a virgin! “So big, ” she whispered. “Bigger than you’re used to, huh? ” Sean replied. Hayden giggled, then slowly took the head of his penis into her mouth. “Fuck, baby. ” She sucked him gently, then kissed his cock up and down while running her tongue along the underside of his shaft. He was loving it. She looked so damn cute that night. She was so small compared to Sean too. Seeing this petite little thing on her knees in front of this giant man with a giant dick was truly spectacular. My head was spinning. I sat there in amazement as she went down on him, completely transfixed on her, watching her every move. My nervousness gave way to jealousy and anger. Part of me wanted to punch Sean in the face. Part of me wanted to curl up into a ball and cry. And yet another part of me was more turned on than I have ever been in my entire life. It was an emotional roller-coaster like no other. Hayden was really into the blowjob too. I knew this was super exciting for her, but she exceeded my expectations. She sucked his dick eagerly and enthusiastically like she wanted to suck his dick. And my god was that hot. Sean leaned back on the bed and Hayden started trying to deepthroat him. She could barely get half of his dick in her mouth without choking. She’d push him into her throat as far as she could, then gag and take it out. His dick was all shiny and covered with spit. Hayden would look up at him and smile while trying to catch her breath. Sean's growls and moans made me even more jealous. But at the same time, I was glad to see him having such a good time. Hayden pleasured him for what seemed like an eternity. She started slow and soft, and soon enough she was stroking him with both hands while sucking on the tip of his dick. She kept that up for a while but got tired. She had been sucking for 15 minutes or so. To me, it felt like an hour. She let go of his dick with her hands and it plopped back onto his stomach with a thud. “I’m not used to using my hands so much, ” she said. Sean grabbed her by the chin again and pulled her in for a kiss. “Can I fuck your mouth? ” he asked softly. “Mhmm. ” Sean stood up and grabbed her head with both hands and began thrusting in and out of her pretty little mouth. I could hear his dick hitting the back of her throat. I could hear her choking on him. Those sounds, my god! Hayden sat there on her knees with her hands on her thighs, letting Sean use her like a toy. He pulled his dick out of her mouth. Hayden was gasping; her spit was all over his dick, running down her chin. “Fuck yes, ” Sean exclaimed. He slapped his dick on her tongue a few times. Then he pushed it back in her mouth. “Stay right there. ” He began slowly thrusting his cock between her lips. “Look at me. Let me see those pretty eyes. ” Sean was in control and Hayden had submitted to him completely. He held her head with both hands and continued fucking her mouth for a few more moments. Then he pulled his glistening cock out and let her take over again. Hayden immediately began stroking his shaft again and sucking his tip. “Oh, fuck, baby. " A few moments later I watched his big dick convulse and pump Hayden’s mouth full of cum. She maintained eye contact with him while he came. Then he pushed further into her mouth and she gagged as cum oozed out from between her lips, sliding down her chin and dripping onto her blouse. Sean pulled his dick out and Hayden swallowed the rest of his cum. He sat back on the bed and they both smiled at each other. “Did you enjoy that? ” she asked him. “That was fucking amazing, ” he replied. "I'm glad, " she said, reaching for his dick. She put him in her mouth again and sucked him gently, then began kissing his shaft. That’s when Sean turned to me, “you’re a lucky man! ” “Yeah, she’s a keeper, ” I said back. Hayden was still on her knees with cum on her chin. She looked over at me, put her fingers under her chin, tilted her head, and smiled big. God, she looked cute. We all laughed for a moment, then she got up, gave Sean a quick kiss, said “that was fun, ” and came back over to me. She put her hand on my shoulder and whispered in my ear, “I’m gonna go clean up. ” She went into the bathroom and closed the door. Sean was already getting his pants back on. He didn’t stick around long. I walked him to the door and we shook hands. He told me again that I was super lucky to have Hayden, said he had a good time and would love to do it again. I felt so pathetic at that moment, but I held it together. I thanked him for the kind words, told him to have a good night, and said we’d be in touch. I closed the door behind him. That’s when reality sank in: I just watched my girlfriend suck another man’s cock. I ran back into the bedroom and Hayden was wiping her face with a washcloth. She had thrown her cum covered shirt into the hamper but still had her jeans on. I went right up to her and pulled her in close. We started kissing immediately. I was so fucking horny. I had to have her. I pushed her toward the bed and pulled her jeans off. Her pussy was already soaking wet. I pulled my clothes off as quickly as I could, climbed on top, and slid my dick inside of her. I’d never been more turned on and after about ten quick thrusts, I came. She pulled me in and we locked lips again. “God, you are so fucking sexy, ” I said to her. We spent the rest of the night in bed together, making out and talking. I couldn’t get enough of her. We had sex a second time later that night and I still couldn’t last longer than a few moments. PART III Hayden and I both enjoyed Sean's first visit. We didn't start talking about a second date right away since we had agreed to take things slowly. Plus, we were still reeling from the blowjob. It was an incredible experience for both of us and it reinvigorated our sex life, not that we needed that. We couldn't keep our hands off each other. Hayden had never been hotter. A blowjob was one thing, letting him fuck her was another. I was nervous about taking things a step further. Not because I didn’t think I would enjoy it, but because I knew this was going to change things. Blowjobs are intimate, sure. But letting someone fuck your woman is like opening Pandora's Box - there's no turning back. Sean's dick was huge and I'd never be able to give her something like that. But that fact turned me on more than anything. Cuckolding is weird. After watching her the first time, I was totally obsessed. It was practically all I could think about. I found myself jerking off to the thought of Sean fucking her more than before, and every time we had sex I’d think about his big dick in her tight, little pussy. I didn't ask Hayden about fucking him for a while, and when we finally did talk about it, she quickly agreed. She was surprisingly eager to jump into bed with. "Yeah, I wanna fuck him, " she said. "Do you want me to? " "I do. I really do. " We agreed to make new plans with him. And Hayden told me something else. She said the blowjob was "a huge tease, " for her. She had wanted to climb on top of him that first night. I reached out to Sean and asked him if he'd like to fuck Hayden. He did, of course. We picked a day for the big event: Saturday, October 11th, 2014. I had a lot of ideas in my head for how I wanted this to go, but I didn’t want to give Hayden directions. I wanted it to be organic. I wanted them to enjoy each other and get lost in the moment, not stick to a script. Ultimately, I wanted them to forget I was even there. One of the things I was focused on was making Hayden out to be an offering for Sean. I saw him as superior, as the “alpha male, ” and I wanted that to be clear to everyone. I wanted to give Hayden to him because he deserved her. Now, I didn’t come out and say that to Hayden, but it’s how I felt. Instead, I decided the best way to communicate this was to have Hayden doll herself up. I wanted her to look flawless for him. I wanted his jaw on the floor whenever he saw her next. I figured Hayden would want to do her hair and makeup again. I asked her if she’d like to get a tan and a bikini wax. She’d never been to a tanning salon and had never gotten a wax before. I wanted her to do it for Sean. So I called and made appointments for her. She tanned twice before his visit and got a full bikini wax that morning. She owned a little black dress that she’d wear on the odd chance we went to a club or upscale bar. It was short and very tight. Her figure looked great in it. I insisted she wear that with a set of black heels. We agreed to meet Sean at the brewery again. Hayden and I spent all afternoon together. We laid in bed cuddling and making out, talking about how excited we were. We didn’t have sex, but I went down on her for a few minutes. Her pussy felt amazing after being waxed. It was so smooth and soft. Sean was going to have a field day with her. I was simultaneously jealous, excited, and nervous. A few hours later and we are back home. I watched Sean peel Hayden’s dress off and run his hands all over her body. She looked incredible with a tan. He couldn’t stop complimenting her and she was smiling from ear to ear. It was clear she felt sexy. Sean kissed, sucked, and grabbed her all over. He spun her around and she pressed her butt into his groin while he kissed her neck, whispered in her ear, and played with her breasts. I was watching from the corner harder than ever, feeling like a live wire. Then Sean’s clothes came off and Hayden was on her knees again. She sucked his dick while he leaned back on the bed and watched her. He pushed the hair out of her face while she pleasured him. “So pretty, baby. ” I loved hearing him compliment her. Sean enjoyed her mouth for a few minutes, then they traded places. He threw Hayden onto the bed, pushed her knees up to her head, and went down on her. She squirmed and purred. Once she was nice and wet, he looked up at her, “are you ready? ” She looked so sexy. Sean stood up and put the tip of his penis against Hayden’s little pussy. She held her legs back and watched eagerly as he slid his huge dick inside of her. Hayden’s jaw dropped. “Holy shit, ” she said. He had barely entered her. My stomach was in knots. "You're so tight. " We all watched as he slowly inched his way into her warm pussy, one slow thrust at a time. Hayden was tight, even for me. It took Sean several minutes to open her up. He’d push in as far as he could, then pull out and try again a few moments later. Each time, he’d get a little deeper. Hayden winced with each thrust and I could see panic on her face. “Oh my god, ” she said in between breaths. “You’re so fucking big. ” Sean smirked. I swear, I could see his ego grow by the second. I can’t even imagine the intense satisfaction he must’ve felt in that moment, giving this beautiful girl the biggest dick of her life right in front of her boyfriend. And this was just the beginning. Eventually, Hayden opened up and took all of him. Sean started fucking her, hard, and seconds later I watch her body writhe as she climaxed. She was red in the face, out of breath, and making wholly unfamiliar sounds. Her legs shook as she gripped the sheets. I'd never seen her like that before. "Oh my god, oh my god, fuck, " she exclaimed. I was in awe. I could rarely make Hayden cum from penetration, and when I did, it seemed to take a Herculean amount of effort. Sean managed to make her cum in 2 or 3 minutes. I knew his big dick would change everything. Over the course of the next half hour, I watched Sean fuck Hayden better than I ever had. They started in missionary. Sean held her legs by the ankles and spread her wide open. He plowed her while she watched his gigantic dick disappear inside her, and a few minutes later she came again. They moved to doggy next. Sean spanked her, fucked her hard, and pushed her face into the mattress. Then he grabbed her arms and pulled them back behind her, completely immobilizing her. He made quick, deep, and powerful thrusts. Hayden came again. Sean pulled out, then ate her from behind for a few moments. "Come here baby, get on your knees, " he commanded. Hayden slid off the bed and landed in a heap on the floor. She wrapped her lips around his cock and sucked him diligently. Then Sean got on the bed. Hayden climbed on top of him and rode him in cowgirl. That was really something. We didn’t do that position much because I always fell out so easily, but she went wild on Sean's dick. He was so big, she didn’t have to worry about him slipping out like I did. Sean was holding her still and thrusting up into her tight, little body. She’d never been fucked like that before. She orgasmed again and again. Finally, Sean flipped her onto her back and got on top of her. He spread her legs wide and began pounding her into the mattress. He had Hayden’s arms pinned above her head so she couldn’t move at all. She looked so small under him, like a little toy. He fucked her like that until he came deep inside her. He let out a huge groan while Hayden said, “oh my god, yes, cum for me baby. ” He filled her pussy with his cum. I was sitting there in the corner with one hand down my pants, completely speechless. This man had just come into my space and fucked my woman better than I ever could. And then he left his seed in her. I felt so inadequate, but I fucking loved it. Watching him fuck Hayden that night and many times after was a truly humbling experience. I had always considered myself a good lover, but after that display, I knew my place. In one way, it was liberating. I got to see Hayden have incredible, mind-blowing sex and I didn’t have to do anything. Previously I alone had the responsibility of pleasing her, but now that responsibility had been lifted off my shoulders and assumed by someone who could actually handle it - someone who had the right equipment for the job. There were consequences though. I couldn’t perform at all after that night. I was so intimidated after watching Sean fuck her that I didn’t even want to go up to bat for fear of striking out. Hayden was understanding and we worked through it, but for a good two weeks, I had severe performance anxiety and ejaculated prematurely almost every time we had sex. All I could envision was Sean’s big dick in her pussy. Hayden came six times that first night, which was a record. Not ever her vibrator had done that for her. Overnight Sean became an Adonis-like figure to both of us. And Hayden didn’t know it yet, but she had become my goddess, and I would forever worship at her temple. After he came, Sean got dressed. He knew Hayden and I wanted some alone time. I walked him to the door again, we exchanged pleasantries, and I told him we’d be in touch. We shook hands and said good night. Something was very different though, and we both knew it, though no one had to say anything. Sean knew he had just given Hayden the best fuck of her life. She didn’t have to tell him that either. Her body, her moans, and her spirit lost in the blissful throes of passion told him that. And the six orgasms. He owned her pussy. I wondered if this was normal for him. Does he fuck every girl like this? Then I was overcome with feelings of jealousy and complete inadequacy. As Sean walked down the hallway I called to him, “Hey, Sean. ” He turned back toward me. “What’s up? ” “Thank you... for everything. ” He smirked at me, “good night! ” I closed the door and ran back to Hayden. She hadn’t moved from the bed. She was still laying there with her eyes closed, breathing deeply, as Sean's cum leaked from her. And my god, her pussy was wrecked. I climbed on top of her and she smiled big. We began kissing. “Oh my god” she said. “That was crazy. ” It was crazy. I told her how hot she was, how amazing she sounded, and how happy I was that she enjoyed it. I was so horny after watching her get plowed, I just had to have my turn. I got naked and slid inside of her. As soon as I entered her I could feel how much Sean had stretched her. Goddamn he’s big, I thought. And he really beat her pussy up. She felt hot and loose and slippery from all his cum. I thrusted a few times, then came inside her and rolled over. We laid there for a long time, cuddling and kissing. The next morning I pressed her for more details. I asked her what it felt like and if she enjoyed his size. She said it hurt at first, a lot. But once she got used to him, she said it was like nothing she’d ever experienced before. The fullness, the stretching, the pressure. It was sensory overload and he hit her in all the right places. That, coupled with the excitement that came with having a new partner for the first time in years and her general attraction to him, made for a potent sexual cocktail. Hayden was practically glowing while describing sex with Sean and I loved hearing it. His big dick had blown her mind, which I knew that would happen. Things had finally come full circle for us and we were so very happy about it. Link to Part 2 in the comments below. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below and I will respond.

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