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Creator: Edna Villanueva

Genre - Comedy
Release Date - 2019
runtime - 96 Minutes
liked It - 25 Vote
José A. Paxtor
country - Dominican Republic
No deberían dejar que se peleen al menos enfrente de uno desde luego si se puede distraerlos alguien puede quedar inhabilitado para buscar comida y morira, bueno desde luego si se trata de conservar la especie se ven leones muy fuertes y sanos.

Watch movie los leones 1. Arriba Colombia empezaron muy bien lastima el segundo circuito que PR gano pero con maña porque salian antes y despegaban los dos pies del suelo espero que produccion y los jueces esten mas pilosos. No me gusta la actitud de Jose PR vino mas arrogante y burlon ojala la cambie. Cuca Tebi Tati Ovi Dina Ricky Alba Juan y Waca Dios los Bendiga y no pierdan el control con esos de PR.

Personalmente pienso que Colombia está muy mal. está tan mala que hasta en la agilidad que es su fuerte está perdiendo no le a visto ni media a asaf, claro está que asaf es el mejor para mí de puerto rico,tebi en juegos grupales está perdiendo las ventajas y pierde su concentración que Dina lo iba a hacer mucho mejor pero está chica no le pega ni al palo, es increíble como una chica como Janice estando enferma le ganó absolutamente todo. que,solo juega cuando se trata de fuerza. amo a Ovidio pero me harta que siempre que pierde saca excusas y tampoco está jugando muy bien que digamos. 5.tatiana solo sirve para definiciones porque también está jugando súper mal 6.wakanda todo lo ve como una guachafita no se está tomando la competencia enserio y eso es insoportable. me encanta porque la está dando toda y le está metiendo todo su amor y empeño a la camiseta como debe ser alba es una negra súper hermosa, pero siento que la están endiosando tanto que ella se siente presionada, y aún perdiendo para mí sigue siendo la mejor. gusta la actitud de Cristina aunque Aveces se le olvida que debe ser neutra Narváez es un padrinaso,lo amo y su actitud más. Si Colombia sigue así definitivamente si les van a partir el alma como dicen los puerto riqueños, porque alba y Juan no pueden solos con el equipo, y por último me gusta que potro vaya a reforzar.

Suscribeté a mi Canal principal. Esta muy buena la vombinacion con ozuna Like si te gusta las canciones de sech 🐻. Watch movie los leones en. Watch movie los leones de la. Watch movie los leones del. En Cristo somos mas que VENCEDORES 😍. Watch Movie Los leone. Felicidades me Encarta desde USA. Me gusto ese documental. Viendo2019 Like si lo vez en 2019. Watch movie los leones pelicula. Are this both emote which we have to use for mission.

Es la semifinal mas esperada del mundo. Kien escucha este palo a finales de noviembre del 2019. Watch movie los leones para. Watch movie los leones de. A verla se ha dicho... Los actores que estan Ahí me encantan. Demasiado duros exelente tema, me encanta porque? tienes una voz inolvidable @Sech bendiciones mío. Adicto cuando te enamoras de el 🙋🙎 o eya👧👩cies cieerto denle un 👍👍👍👍👍Like y comenten y tefayan y son amigos. Cuando no estoy De humor Miro mis peliculas Dominicans y m sacan muchas risas muchas bendiciones. Mira quien habla Barbie la de mejor rendimiento en guerreros. Critics Consensus No consensus yet. Tomatometer Not Yet Available TOMATOMETER Total Count: N/A 94% Audience Score Verified Ratings: 64 Que Leones (Los Leones) Ratings & Reviews Explanation Que Leones (Los Leones) Videos Movie Info Director Frank Perozo's comedy stars Casper Smart, Anyelina Sánchez, and Stephany Liriano. Nicole and José Miguel's life in New York City is jeopardized by suspicions of infidelity and the news that the former's father is engaged to a woman who is half his age. A trip to the Dominican Republic forces the two of them to confront the personal issues that are destabilizing their extended family-and their own relationship. Rating: NR Genre: Directed By: Written By: Runtime: 79 minutes Studio: Spanglish Movies Cast Critic Reviews for Que Leones (Los Leones) There are no critic reviews yet for Que Leones (Los Leones). Keep checking Rotten Tomatoes for updates! Audience Reviews for Que Leones (Los Leones) Que Leones (Los Leones) Quotes Movie & TV guides.

De la música a las peliculas >:0 🥴🔥😂

Why do so many mass shootings occur within days / weeks of an active shooter drill? "Cover is the use of an apparently nonthreatening activity to disguise preparation for or initiation of a hostile act. A common example is the use of a training exercise to hide preparations for an attack. If the training exercise was the last in a long series of training exercises which had not led to actual hostile action in the past, this could also be an example of conditioning―hence the tendency to refer to "conditioning and cover. " -- [ Deception 101 - Primer on Deception] () by Prof. Joseph Caddell, U. S. Army War College External Research Program [[Prof. Caddell] () was a Combat Intelligence Officer in the U. Air Force (1973-1976) and has taught at the Defense Intelligence College (1977-1993), Air War College (1983-1989), Joint Military Intelligence Training Center (1993-1997), and the National Intelligence University, where he has been professor emeritus since 2014. ] Here's some examples of this (compiled by myself and independently by researcher [Rolf Zaeschmar] ()). I will update this thread as I find more: 5-22-1998 - Thurston High School, Springfield, OR "Fortuitously, a few weeks before the shootings Thurston students had volunteered as casualties during a mock disaster drill at McKenzie-Willamette(a nearby hospital) so ER teams could practice caring for large numbers of injured at one time. " (p. 184, Babyface Killers by Clifford Lindecker, St. Martens Paperbacks, 1999) 4-16-1999 - Notus Junior-Senior High School, Notus, ID "The Notus School Board has been developing a "crisis action plan" for just such an incident. " [ (AP, 4-17-1999)] () 4-20-1999 - Columbine High School, CO "Just a week before the massacre of Columbine High School the staff took part in a crisis-handling session prompted by last years string of school shootings around the country..... the staff members at the five-hour seminar discussed escape routes in a shooting attack, how to deal with wounded students and how to notify relatives in an emergency. " ( Atlanta Constitution, 4-22-1999) "More than 100 school administrators, including a handful from Littleton, sat through a state workshop Monday [April 19, 1999, the day before], which was prophetically called "Crisis Response — Prepare for the Unthinkable: It Could Happen to You. "" "The main presenters: the Jefferson County school response team. " [( The Daily Camera, 4-21-1999)] () "... in 1997, while still a commissioner, [John] Stone [sheriff of Jefferson County on 4-20-1999] had helped organize a trip to Emmitsburg, Maryland, for county representatives and local organization leaders to attend a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) disaster training course. "... "The four-day session, which FEMA designed specially to address the needs of Jefferson County, Stone says, included training and "tabletop" exercises that had improved the county's implementation of "incident command" --a clearly defined incident management structure designating, among other things, command roles, tasks to be accomplished, and a system to assign responsibility for each task. 3, The Shootings at Columbine High School: Responding to a New Kind of Terrorism by Susan Rosegrant, John F. Kennedy School of Government, 2001 9-24-2003 - Rocori High School, Cold Spring, MN "Superintendent [Scott] Staska says the school was prepared for such an emergency as what unfolded on Wednesday. For they past three years Rocori has held drills to deal with a shooting, the last one was a few weeks ago. " [( Minnesota Public Radio, 11-25-2003)] () 11-5-2009 - Ft. Hood, TX "Pfc. Amber Bahr of Random Lake heard someone yelling and ducked at the sound of gunfire, but she said she thought supervisors at Fort Hood were holding a drill last Thursday. " [( Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, 11-9-2009)] () A large majority of soldiers interviewed initially thought it was a drill. ["They had no idea what was going on; everyone thought it was a drill at first"] () 10-8-2010 - Kelly Elementary School, San Diego County, CA "Stephanie Durkee, a campus monitor.. said when she asked him what he(the shooter) was doing, he replied, “This is a drill and these are blanks. ”... "And all the kids started running to the doors because we drill them on that for lockdown. " [(ABC 10)] () 7-22-2011 - Utoya Island, Norway "Only hours before Anders Behring Breivik began shooting children on Utoya, the police emergency squad concluded an exercise where they practiced an almost identical situation. " [( Public Intelligence, 8-30-2011)] () 7-20-2012 - Batman Shooting, Aurora, CO "The tragedy that played out in an Aurora movie theater Friday was ironically paralleled as a classroom learning experience in a medical school in Parker [CO] the same day. " [( Denver Post, 7-20-2012)] () 9-7-2012 - Normal Community High School, Normal, IL "At first, some students thought what was going on was a drill because they had been told there would be one in September. " [ The Pantagraph, 9-8-2012] () 12-11-12 - Clackamas Town Center Mall, OR "The sheriff said the gunman was also hindered in his efforts to kill more people by a fast police response, quick thinking from shoppers and a recently-rehearsed mall lockdown. " [( Daily Mail, 12-11-2012)] () 12-14-12 - Sandy Hook Elementary School, CT "Sources said that Sandy Hook Elementary had only weeks earlier had a lockdown drill... " [ Hartford Courant, 3-13-2013] () 1-10-13 - Taft Union High School, CA "Minutes before a gunman walked into a California high school, students and teachers had been practicing what to do if the school came under an attack. " [( Fox News, 1-11-2013)] () 6-7-2013 - Santa Monica Community College, CA “The library staff at Santa Monica College had active shooter training just a few weeks before the incident, and that really, I believe, helped prevent future deaths, ” [Torrance State Senator Ted] Lieu said. [(CBS Los Angeles, 7-15-2013)] () 9-16-2013 - Wash DC Navy Yard Shooting Dave Sarr, an environmental engineer, was walking down a nearby street... Sarr had seen an evacuation drill a few days earlier in the Navy Yard. "At first I thought it was another drill, " Sarr said. [(USA Today, 9-16-2013)] () 11-1-2013 LAX shooting, CA "We practiced to this not more than 3 weeks ago, " said Gannon at a press conference hours after the shooting. "We took every one of our patrol officers and a couple hundred officers from the Los Angeles Police Department and we practiced the exact scenario we played out today. " [( Digital Journal, 11-2-2013)] () 12-13-2013 Arapahoe High School, CO "A law enforcement official said Arapahoe had just recently practiced an active-shooter drill.... Student Justin Morrall said students had been trained to move to the corners of classrooms where they would not be visible. " [( Denver Post, 12-13-2013)] () 1-14-2014 - Berrendo Middle School, Roswell, NM "(Berrendo Middle School) has undergone more than one active-shooter training, Burris said, including one as recently as the end of the 2013 semester. " ( Albuquerque Journal, 1-14-2014) "Leon says she was walking toward the gym, where students gather before class, when she heard the gun shots. She said she knew they were real, “but some people were laughing because they thought it was fake. ”" "“I guess they had been through many drills, ” she said. " [( AP, 1-15-14)] () 5-23-2014 - Isla Vista, Santa Barbara, CA "Operations attended a table top exercise for the May 28 “Active Shooter Drill” at Santa Barbara City College. Multiple agencies were there, “fine tuning” the different roles, protocols, and schedules. " [( Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transportation District, 4-29-14)] () 10-24-2014 Marysville Pilchuck High School, WA CNN host Brooke Baldwin: "I'm getting handed information, so bear with me as I just read this cold: “Local law enforcement under the direction of the Marysville Police Department will be holding SWAT training-” (page turns).. this was actually yesterday. This was yesterday, they held SWAT training, it happened that they held SWAT training yesterday in the area around the school district. " [( CNN, 10-24-2014)] () 11-20-2014 - Florida State University, Tallahassee "Thursday FSUPD Chief David Perry said his department underwent active-shooter training just two weeks prior. That training, along with collaboration with TPD, gave emergency responders the tools they needed to handle the incident. " [( Tallahassee Democrat, 11-22-2014)] () 10-1-2015 - Umpqua Community College, OR College president Rita Cavin says a drill had been run a week before, in a videotaped interview. 2-14-2018 - Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Parkland, FL “It’s unreal, ” he [student Tedric Thompson] said. “Just last week we had Code Red drills and I was making jokes. I never thought it would happen to us. ” [( Palm Beach Post, 2-14-2018)] () 8-26-2018 - Jacksonville, FL (1:08) "And we also talked with Randy Weiss earlier to give us some perspective. Now we know the shooting happened at the landing. [Weiss] was able to give us a little bit of perspective by phone, explaining that there was a training [drill] that was actually happening with JFRD during the time of the shooting. " [(Channel 4, 8-26-2018)] () " Firefighters who were participating in a training exercise right next to the mall were treating victims before the first 911 call went out, the Jacksonville Association of Firefighters president tweeted, adding, "Victims ran to them. " [( BuzzFeed News, 8-26-2018)] ().

Watch movie los leones la.

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🗣WHAT is that GIANT alligator eating 🤔. Pido a Dios que me quite esta ansiedad que tengo y estos miedos a el precioso nombre de Jesú. So the billy Joel channel they did A to Z all of his songs and reason why he wrote or just on a tangent about the song and I listened to all of it today and wrote it down so here it is Billy Joel A to Z Meaning A Matter of Trust (The Bridge) trying to sing like Robert Palmer empathic to a women but rough similar to innocent man, wants to trust him A minor variation (River Of Dreams) first attempt at blues he had the blues and tell him he has the blues without making everyone feel depressed play on words for a minor A room of our own (Nylon Curtain) two different minds come to same conclusion like John Lennon, John Lennon was killed and channeled John Lennon because he want to still hear his voice Ain’t no crime (Piano Man) Leon Russel have a lot of success and Billy was thinking of him when writing the song very boogey All about soul (River of Dreams) he wrote toward the end of the album. the album has an arc about a man whose faith was shattered and rediscovered the important things in life friends, family, and sense of self. All for Leyna (Glass House) baseline carries a certain amount of song not right in your face to recapture the angst of 16 year old guy who just broke your heart and can’t stop thinking about her and driving his friends and family crazy. All about teenage obsession All my life (collected addition masters) wrote because he thought Tony Bennett would sing it All you wanna do is dance (Turnstiles) time when you started to hear reggae during the disco era sort of a protest he didn’t like it now he does Allentown (Nylon Curtain) started writing in before 82 didn’t have the right words was called leather town in the suburbs but kids said he would never be back because he started getting big and heard about the steel industry dying and became Allentown and named because Allentown sounded better then Bethlehem An Innocent Man (An Innocent Man) done in the style of the drifters but in his melody And so it goes (Storm Front) he wrote when he was seeing a girl whose a lot younger then him and she was a new model and he knew it wasn’t going to work going into the relationship was crazy but he felt like being a moth attracted to the fire and will get burned. It is about being vulnerable and knowing you will get stomped and the cords are unresolved. Writes the music first and the cords you can hear the sadness and sometimes he resolves the cords and drops into the resolution. She was 19 and he was 30 Baby Grand (The Bridge) Ray Charles wanted to record with him about his song so he had to write and needed to find an interest and they both play the piano and he just had a baby so baby grand and started writing the song. The piano will always be there Big man on mulberry street (The Bridge) had a studio in lower Manhattan and he work in the studio and walk to lunch on mulberry street and walk in with his notebook order a wine and look like a songwriter and the song is about a man who is a loser guy who thinks he is a big shot and he is a big man but he isn’t Big shot (52nd Street) he did a lot of research he is a bout him and someone else who is a women who made a mess of herself but he also woke up on mornings with bloodshot eyes and being a big shot. It is a hangover song Blonde over blue (River of Dreams) kind of obsession song he likes singing kind of a challenge. Captain Jack (Piano Man) wrote in 1970 lived in oyster bay and saw rich kids buy her ion from a drug dealer and came up with a song from suburban kids who were bored and started doing drugs and the cords are boring and the interval get high and less boring billy get bored singing it and hardly ever does the song anymore Careless Talk (An Innocent Man) he was gettin pick up in gossip columns because he was dating a 6ft model and she was getting worried and he said nah it is just careless talk. C’etait toi (You were the one) (Glass Houses) wrote this song in French music is the mood of French. He played it in Paris and screwed up the words and the audience didn’t really care after the show and asked about the song and the record company said they thought he was singing in polish Christie Lee (An Innocent Man) listen to me boy lessons Christie used to always call him joe he couldn’t hit the high note unless it was about her Code of Silence (The Bridge) he was stuck on the song about silence but had to talk and why would he talk about Cyndi Lauper came and she came helped him write the rest of the song (she co-wrote it) Close to the Borderline (Glass Houses) wanted the song to be about Led Zeppelin Don’t Ask Me Why (The Bridge) it is a not literal song the rhythm is Spanish and piano solo spoof of 1940 Spanish movies infatuated with the rhythm Easy Money (An Innocent Man) asked by Rodney damgerfiled to write the the theme to easy money and is a hot mess and is an interesting character that is about to make a killing. Guy who wants the easy money and billy doesn’t gamble when he was 16 he bet his life saving (like $60) on a horse that was sure to win but lost and Elvis Presley Boulevard (Additional Collected Masters) it is about a lost of faith song about his idols can’t do no wrong. Everybody has a Dream (The Stranger) wrote around cold Spring Harbor time changed it to be more like a gospel when released influence by James Taylor Everybody Loves You Now (Cold Spring Harbor) tough piano part still a challenge for billy, physic Guitar would have been easier. He was mad about someone like rolling stone not nearly as good references to Dylan Falling of the Rain (Cold Spring Harbor) one of his less favorite lyrics he ever wrote he tries to disown it it is real hippy and folky has address the end before with somewhere along the line Famous Last Words (River of Dreams) knew he was down writing songs whole cycle of songs in the album lost faith and found love family and friends and he has covered everything he wanted to say and he wanted to say goodbye the end of the book 52nd Street (52nd Street) like an Abby road and the vibe was jazzy 52nd street was nicknamed swing street so he made a jazzy cake walk Get it Right the First Time (The Stranger) how many guys meet some one the first time and want to get it right but gets everything wrong especially when you are very attracted to this person Getting Closer (Piano Man) management should have been concerned by the song he was getting ripped off and still wouldn’t change himself but should be smarter and getting closer to figuring it out Goodnight Saigon (Nylon Curtain) wrote for veterans from the Vietnam war and no one was being very welcoming and they wanted a song for them and the veterans helped him write the song Got to Begin Again (Cold spring Harbor) sounds like a Carole king self pity album he was 21 and had his head up his ass Half a Mile Away (52nd Street) r&b thing original title your love is like a razor blade so he changed to half a mile away a lot of the guys he knew his whole world was just half a mile away Honesty (52nd Street) most bullshit song he ever wrote who his he to tell people to tell them the truth and he needed lyrics fast and Liberty Devito (the drummer) needs lyrics and liberty started calling it sodameide I Don’t Want To Be Alone (Glass House) it is a make up song guy feels like a jerk and the girl sees him and cracks up he feels like a jerk but she thinks he looks cute I Go to Extremes (Storm Front) fast piano music while recording he broke keys the video director and he wanted to show it rapid movement of the piano which dictated the melody which can start to drive you crazy which worked for the recording If I only had Words (to tell you) (Piano Man) he wanted a song that wasn’t redundant and then changed to another key he wanted to say I love you but in a way no one else does It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me (Glass Houses) it’s the same kind of music he remembers but the music changed but it’s still rock and roll I’ve Loved These Days (Turnstiles) he knew that this was the end of a chapter and taking a intense lifestyle and wanted to change his ways and make a move and changing and not a way of being a huge rock star James (Turnstiles) combination of people he knew not named James a bit preachy he saw what his parents what them to do but not what they wanted to do and his friends going to school and following dreams that weren’t there own dreams Just the way you (The Bridge) are 1977 had an idea for the melody he dreamt the melody and then forgot and it drove him crazy in the middle of a meeting it popped it in his head and walk from his meeting and tried to keep it in his head trying to remember it and then he wrote it out and everyone wanted to hear that you are perfect just the way you are which was perceived as sexist and that he didn’t want him to grow as person and stay the same but don’t go changing to try and please him, he wanted her to grow Keeping the Faith (An Innocent Man) summation of people in innocent man who didn’t understand it and he owns a great debt to that time of old rock and roll and he told the reasons why he started the album Last of the Big Time Spenders (Streetlife Serenade) fooling around with country music influenced by the radio like eagles Laura (Nylon Curtain) about relative that we can’t divorce which is a torture relationship someone you can’t cut out of your life if you have a conscience and heart you can’t cut them out Leave a Tender Moment Alone (An Innocent Man) he likes melody and reminds him of Stevie wonder sounds like an old motown track and he couldn’t find the right instrument until Phil Ramone told him he knew the perfect guy Lennigrad (Storm Front) autobiographical song about a guy from lennigrad becoming friends with guy you thought was the enemy who met his daughter who made her laugh. The clown have billy his twin brother ashes Los angelenos (Streetlife Serenade) rod strewart loves his rock voice billy wrote for him no idea if he ever heard it Lullaby (River of Dreams) writing came about when his daughter was 7 years old and she asked when you died and he thought hard and told her once you died you go into each other’s hearts and you pass it own through your kids at the time her parents were getting divorce and he wanted her to know that he will always be there for her and his dad wasn’t around when he was growing up Miami 2017 (Turnstiles) recorded for Turnstiles and he wanted to write a science fiction song about New York City dying he remembers what date would be a good time to tell his grand children about New York Modern Women (The Bridge) was written for a movie named ruthless people, he doesn’t really like the song and would have ditched it for the album Movin’ Out (Anthony song) (The Stranger) wrote a song that someone else wrote and didn’t have the melody yet Neil laughing out in the rain was the song he stole until liberty Devito threw his sticks at him and told him My Life (52nd Street) living in cove neck had a piano in the living room and wrote it there it was very simple melody and cute and simple lyrics basically saying to hell with you it’s my life New York State of Mind (Turnstiles) wrote on a greyhound bus on his way back from a gig livin in LA for 3 years and staying at house upstate and the words started coming to him same with the melody and got there asked his wife at the time where the piano was and wrote the song in 20 to 30 minutes No Man’s Land (River of Dreams) he was in a rage and anger and seeing the urbanization where he grew up and everyone was all excited about the mall and then see the mall and realized it’s just a mall and he was protesting change Nobody knows but me (Additional Collected Masters) was supposed to be a kids doing about his imaginary friend Nocturne (Cold Spring Harbor) classic name for music meaning night first instrumental piece Only the Good Die Young (The Stranger) writing during a tour opening up for beach boys there was piano in the room and started writing a reggae song and then liberty devito threw his sticks at him and said the closest he has ever been to Jamaica was New York ferry which was true and then came up a shuffle with a straight four a good rock and roll melody with a lot of resistance from radio but wasn’t about religion more about lust Piano Man (Piano Man) telling of a job he had 1971-72 the characters were real characters can’t make this stuff up waitress was his girlfriend the radio cut his song down to 3:05 because it ran too long but you want a hit you got to make it fit. Billy would always edit his own songs so they weren’t ruined Prelude/Angry Young Man (The bridge) Prelude the beginning of wipeout and put in piano while Angry Young Man was about man who billy hired who was very self righteous and called himself Jesus and pissed everyone off who he worked with and was a veteran Pressure (Nylon Curtain) writing the Nylon Curtain album and couldn’t figure out the song and someone said he was under a lot of pressure Roberta (Streetlife Serenade) billy had a crush on a prostitute and he told her to leave that line of work it’s not safe but she wouldn’t. So it’s about being in love with a hooker Rootbeer Rag (Streetlife Serenade) he always loved root beer he didn’t have anymore songs so he wrote an instrumental for the piano Rosalinda’s Eye (52nd Street) an attempt to write a letter to his mom it’s about a musician who trying to make it for her and that who his dad was and he wasn’t very romantic towards her but she is very romantic it is a letter she deserved Running on Ice (The Bridge) a movie song robin william stared in it maybe about a man in a city who could never catch up frantic tempo Say Goodbye to Hollywood (Turnstiles) the ronettes ryan Spector please be my baby mean streets he wanted to get that feeling Scandinavian Skies (Nylon Curtain) an experience with heroine on flight to Stockholm and playing the blues a drug experience Scenes of Italian Restaurant (The Stranger) had the ballad of Brenda and Eddie and it wasn’t enough so added the beginning with Italian restaurant and then added a piece that makes time go by a musical interlude then a fragment of song things are okay in oyster bay Shades of Grey (River of Dreams) The creams song 3 part harmony he was losing his righteous anger and would listen to another man Shameless (Storm Front) was him trying to write something Jimmy Hendricks would write he chewed gum singing it She’s Always a Woman (The Stranger) idea for a melody living in New York living on the 35th floor needed to come up with lyrics to remember the melody the view from the 35th floor thought the song was sexist because she would destroy you but she is always a women to me he doesn’t care what she did to you in the business world She’s Got a Way (Cold Spring Harbor) nothing very complicated just wanted a simple love song on piano might have been influenced by George Michael. She’s Right on Time (Nylon Curtain) tried to do a Christmas song he didn’t want to do a Christmas album last ditch effort. A reunion between two people Sleeping With Television On (Glass Houses) about a guy who is putting a girl down because he knows if tries to get her she will reject him. The beginning is the sign off on a TV channel he likes the song Sometimes a Fantasy (Glass Houses) about phone sex certain satiation would play and it was a straight up rocker Somewhere Along the Line (Piano Man) he did this multiple times things are great today but tomorrow there will be hell to pay. Always waiting for the other shoe to fall Souvenir (Turnstiles)New Years drink a cup of kindness a New Years song State of Grace (Storm Front) interesting cord progression someone not listening to you but they kept drifting and that would have sang it the best by Daryl Hall Stiletto (52nd Street) One of his favorites band Traffic Steve windwood shang hi noodle factory. All about emotional manipulation Stop in Nevada (Piano Man) county song western tried to use an accent Storm Front (Storm Front) loved the grove feel in love with the groove from peter Gabriel’s sledgehammer and wanted to do that with Storm Front slow but very powerful Streetlife Serenader (Streetlife Serenade) trying to do something different with his voice influenced by grey almond an attempt to a clear de bloom written in late 1800s Streetlife was risky the president of the company asked him if he really wanted to sing that Summer Highland Falls (Turnstiles) the left hand is playing the tempo of depression while the right hand is playing a more up beat song. In a relationship with the honeymoon phase being over and with how much you have in common you are still different and we might be at the end of this relationship Surprises (Nylon Curtain) he liked the cords and music progression written in 1982 and he had a motorcycle accident and he was surprised by it was almost killed he was in the hospital for weeks thumb and wrist crushed and made him reevaluate his life Tell Her About It (An Innocent Man) the supremes always giving advice to females so he wrote a song like the supremes but giving advice to males Temptation (The Bridge) all about his Baby and he doesn’t want to leave her being a new father. Some people thought it was an affair but it was not That’s Not Her Style (Storm Front) a song about gossip columns The Ballad of Billy the Kid (Piano Man) the lyrics that seemed western in his mind most of the history was wrong he wanted it to sound western The Downeaster Alexa (Storm Front) attempt to write a real folk song and was very troubled by fishermen in Long Island and made it the way it was and wanted to make a comment on the change the rhythm was made to sound like the sea the drums were played backwards and he was proud of the song The entertainer (Streetlife Serenade) he was watching a rock concert and the midnight special he had a lot of hate toward the TV and how they showed rock and roll bands and he wrote sarcastic lyrics. He was a young smart ass The great suburban showdown (Streetlife Serenade) he wanted to sound like a lazy suburban song and that he cannot go home anymore The Great Wall of China (River of Dreams) a song about someone who screwed him in the music business and he lost faith in humanity and worked his way out it The Longest Time (An Innocent Man) he did all the harmonies and used method singing and imagine how they would sound The Mexican Connection (Streetlife serenade) thinking of movie soundtrack like a western. He always like good western soundtracks like the magnificent seven. He came up with his instrumental related to billy the kid The night is still young (Greatest Hits, Volume I & Volume II) mid 80s they were putting out a greatest hits and he was in the mid 30s and said that he could hang out but has the knowledge and that is going to get darker and get into the next part of his life The River of Dreams (River of Dreams) he had a sound in his head sounding like the gospel and he goes in the shower and he can’t get it out of his head and starts throwing out gospel words and he doesn’t know why he wrote he knows he is searching for something and revamping his faith in humanity he is an atheist and he is soul searching The Stranger (The Stranger) looking these different sides of yourself that friends or lovers point out whistle because he didn’t know what instrument to use and Phil told him that is it you just did it it’s hard to do because of the air and that is the theme of the stranger This is the time (The Bridge) write an atmospheric winter song and you feel the atmosphere at the beach during the winter This Night (An Innocent Man) he wanted a slow dance song used bethoveen melody to finish it out and added words and gave him credit Through the long night (Glass Houses) written about his first ex wife when he realized that he was getting a divorce and he was watching her sleep and realized that he would have to say goodbye Tomorrow is Today (Cold Spring Harbor) is a suicide note he was bummed out become he was so self absorbed that your head can go up your ass very self pity song and the lyric was Travelin’ Prayer (Piano Man) with a lot bluegrass movement playing a cord progression used Roy Rodgers band Turn Around (Cold Spring Harbor) inspiration from James Taylor fire and rain be a recording artist with being a musician Two Thousand Years (River of Dreams) he was very hopeful but naive and how science and poetry would thrive then 9/11 happened and hurt him and recognized how naive he was Until the Night (52nd Street) the righteous brothers inspired him he poached other people’s style but can it his own music and he hates his own voice Uptown Girl (An Innocent Man) started as uptown girls and dating multiple models and Christie Berkeley and changed it to uptown girl. Guy on the wrong side of the tracks and girl on the right side of the tracks who was rich. Billy voice started to change and get deeper and saying goodbye to the high notes people think he jumped the gun on his album Vienna (The Stranger) he visited his father there and was moved by the place he wanted the melody to sound European We Didn’t Start the Fire (Storm Front) talked to a guy who was 21 and the guy didn’t think billy Joel struggled growing up and didn’t know his history and told the history from 1949 to 1989 but the melody is awful and every verse has its own year until late 60s when things happened faster Weekend Song (Piano Man) Leon Russell influence gospel and honky Toni Piano When in Rome (Storm Front) was one of his crappy songs not deep enough for him he doesn’t save songs he writes the song as he makes the album and would be whacked out. He thinks there is one song in each album that he would take back Where’s the Orchestra (Nylon Curtain) a man goes into adult hood and what it to be a show but it is a play that doesn’t always have music and can be tragic Why Judy Why (Cold spring harbor) Judy is his sister just turned 21 and depressed and felt sorry for himself sounds better on the piano tried to be as good as Dylan Worst Comes to Worst (Piano Man) autobiographical got job right before Piano Man moves to LA You can make me free (Cold Spring Harbor) influenced by Paul McCartney You Look So Good to Me (Cold Spring Harbor) Cold spring harbor first record deal as a solo artist was written thinking about other singers singing and not him which was badly produced and sped up which pissed billy Joel off You May Be Right (Glass Houses) he wanted to rock out and wanted to hear in a stadium was just about being crazy and that is what you wanted in the first place but it’s fun You picked a real bad time (Collected Additional Masters) wanted Eric Clapton to sing it like a cream song he doesn’t think Eric ever heard it You’re My Home (Piano Man) he didn’t have any money to buy a present for Valentine’s Day so he wrote her a song You’re Only Human (Second Wind) it is about making mistakes and getting preachy about this and when he hears he thinks what the hell do I know and when you mess up you mess up in your way and how you get out of it Zanzibar wanted to write a jazzy song he told Phil about it and started writing lyrics as an exotic place and Phil said it sounds like a jazzy sports bar. This is about a bar fight about a waitress he fell in love with.

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Por fin hace algo laura. Watch Movie Los leones. Watch movie los leones 2. Watch movie los leones restaurant. The 1990s were an exciting time in the NFL. You had three new expansion teams enter the league with the Carolina Panthers, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Baltimore Ravens, teams relocating left and right, and offenses absolutely exploding like never before (look at the number of receivers with 100+ receptions in 1994, and then look at that same stat in 1995. New venues were popping up every year in the late-90s, as teams moved out of their outdated facilities or their shared baseball stadiums into state-of-the-art facilities. After some struggles in the 1980s, including controversial 1982 and 1987 seasons, the league was thriving in the 1990s. Elsewhere in professional football, though, it seemed like a new startup league was failing every year. The World League of American Football was gone after two years (which later became NFL Europe). The CFL’s gloriously bad expansion into the USA failed (which I’ll get to later). And, as I stated in depth in my last post, the Professional Spring Football League never got off of the ground; apparently, relying on an average attendance of 20, 000 in the first season when you don’t have a TV deal and you created the league merely four months ago is not a good business model. And at the turn of the century, we had another one of those leagues. You’ve probably never even heard of this league, seeing as it only lasted one season and didn’t have any TV deal. But this is the story of a lost league that is no more, and the story of one of the weirdest television promotions I’ve ever seen for a football team. This is the story of the Regional Football League. Part I: A Delayed Formation You know how you know that a league left no imprint whatsoever? When you type in “Regional Football League” onto YouTube, the first thing that pops up is a YouTube channel about a Madden simulation league with 78 subscribers. So how did we get from the formation of the league to this point, where nobody even remembers its existence? The league was first created sometime in March of 1997, with the earliest documentation of this league being a newspaper clipping announcing Gus Bell as the commissioner. Bell was a former NFL agent, and to his credit, he seems to have rebounded very nicely, as he’s the man in charge of the Blue-Grey All-American Bowl. However, at the time, he was an agent trying to start a pro football league. So, why would this league work? The RFL was going to succeed because the league would have players with regional ties, and would avoid competing against the NFL. Gee… I’ve never heard that one before. That sounds like every other league that I’ve reviewed- get players with local ties in the area, and don’t compete with the big boys of the NFL. Way to separate yourself from the rest of the pack. The idea behind the league was to start up in 1998 with tickets costing around $18. For a minor league football team, that sounds pretty expensive, especially when adjusted for inflation. In 2019 dollars, this is somewhere in the ballpark of $28, according to this inflation calculator. When parking and concessions are factored into this, a family of four attending an RFL game is spending close to $150 in 2019 dollars on a game. There are legitimate NFL games that are cheaper than that. I’ll give the PSFL credit- they had pretty cheap tickets and seemed to care about making games affordable for fans (the universal season ticket was a novel idea, even if there’s no way anyone would’ve used it), even though they never ended up playing a game. RFL games seem expensive. An ideal starting number of teams for a league is eight. The RFL wanted at least six teams in the league before launching operations. Well, it was December of 1997, three months before the league was supposed to kick off, and they only had five teams. Seems like a bit of a red flag right there. So, they decided to postpone the 1998 season and just kick things off in 1999. On one hand, that’s an admirable move- not wanting to rush the league’s formation, since you only have one shot at making a first impression, could be a smart move. On the other hand, postponing the start of the league just three months before kickoff because you couldn’t get six teams is a warning sign if I’ve ever seen one. Eventually, though, this league got off the ground and found its sixth team. Sure, some of the ownership models were a bit weird, as the Shreveport Knights were owned by stockholders, but the league was ready to kick off for the 1999 season. The six teams were the Houston Outlaws, Mississippi Pride (played in Jackson), Mobile Admirals, New Orleans Thunder, Shreveport Knights, and… the Ohio Cannon. Five of those cities are close by, but the one based in Toledo seems a bit off. It clearly doesn’t belong. By car and from Houston, it takes roughly five hours to get to New Orleans, three hours to get to Shreveport, seven hours to get to Mobile, six hours to get to Jackson… and nineteen hours to get to Houston. Spoiler alert- one team winds up folding before the season ends. You’ll be shocked when you find out which team it is. Even if the locations are a bit off, as one team is in the middle of nowhere compared to the rest of the league, the six teams are in place. So how is the league going to promote itself and use television? Well… Part II: Trouble with TV You guys wanna see a hidden gem? A YouTube video with 269 views and 0 likes or dislikes? Then take a gander at this TV promo for the Mississippi Pride. The Mississippi Pride, as you’ll find out, were not exactly the best of run teams; they weren’t even the only football team named the Mississippi Pride in the state. And yes, this video is real and not fan-made. It can be tough to advertise for a new football team when they haven’t played a game yet. You need to get footage somehow, either through practices or exhibitions (a la the AAF), or you need to go XFL style and do something like this. What you can’t do is this. The Mississippi Pride put out what might be the worst TV promotion of all-time. And yes, that includes this promo for the Las Vegas Locomotives of the United Football League. There’s so much wrong with this Pride promo video. What’s the appeal to this league or this team? What does excessive mutilation mean? What does leg knawing mean; better yet, why is it misspelt and not spelt normally like “gnawing”? I get some of the puns, like mauling the passer, but some of the others, I have no idea what they’re even going for. This commercial had to be filmed on a budget of $0; this had to be a case of “I have a Microsoft PowerPoint 1997 subscription and some royalty free music we can use, and I need this done in an hour. ” That’s the only explanation for why this video is so bad. As you can probably guess, television was not the RFL’s strong suit. The RFL had no television contract whatsoever. In fact, only one game ended up on TV, and that was a game between the Mobile Admirals and the New Orleans Thunder. It aired on WHNO, a small religious station in New Orleans. Considering the fact that the Facebook page for WHNO has a grand total of 7 likes, and I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s not only really small, but the game probably drew a 0. 0 in the TV ratings. Here is a clip of the game. I’m pleasantly shocked at the production quality, especially for a game in 1999; however, as you can probably judge by the number of people in the stands, attendance would be a problem for this league. So we’ve seen that the RFL has no plan whatsoever when it comes to television. How would the 1999 season play out for the league? Would the delayed start by one year be worth it in the end? Part III: Already Thinking Ahead Did the league have talent? Not really. In terms of starting quarterbacks, former Ole Miss quarterback Stewart Patridge led the way for the Mississippi Pride; he threw 15 touchdowns in his time with the Rebels and never sniffed the NFL. Thad Busby, the former Florida State quarterback and 1997 ACC Offensive Player of the Year, started for the Mobile Admirals, while Josh LaRocca, who started for the England Monarchs in NFL Europa in 1998 and completed less than 48% of his passes, was starting for the Houston Outlaws. Shreveport’s quarterback was Raymond Philyaw, who completed less than 50 percent of his passes in his final season at Louisiana-Monroe. Basically, the league didn’t have a whole lot of talent. They had some semi-accomplished coaches, such as former Raiders offensive coordinator Tom Walsh (what happened after Walsh left the Admirals is hysterical and is a whole separate post), but the talent in this league was bare-bones. However, the league was very optimistic about its fate for the 1999 season. In fact, they were so optimistic that they were already planning expansion. They were going to go to 10 teams for the 2000 season, placing teams in Buffalo, Orlando, San Jose, and Winston-Salem. Turns out, there were supposed to be nine teams in the league initially with teams in Los Angeles, San Jose, and New England, but that never materialized. Even despite this, without playing a game, they were going to go to 10 teams, and place them all over the country. Each team was restricted to a salary cap of $1. 5 million, with an average salary ranging from $30, 000 to $65, 000 per player (which is pretty good for minor league football). And, according to that same link, the business model was based on the league getting 25, 000 fans. If that was on the entire season, then holy cow are those low expectations. If that was per game, then that’s delusional; I mentioned in the last post on the PSFL that not even the American teams in the WLAF averaged that number, so to expect a new league with no TV deal to get that is delusional. So why would the RFL work? From that same linked article, here’s the reason why the league was going to work: “The reason, according to Ron Floridia at the league office in Framingham, Massachusetts, lay in the owners’ greed themselves, particularly one New Yorker named Trump. Simply stated, the owners ‘didn’t stick to the original business plan and stick to the salary caps. ’ To combat this problem, the RFL is investigating its owners and making sure the stability of the league is, to borrow a slogan, priority job 1. ” That’s right- the RFL was going to succeed because Donald Trump wasn’t going to be involved. I’m not even going to touch that. All I’ll say is that it’s a major red flag that the league office was in Massachusetts when all of its teams (barring the Ohio Cannon for some strange reason) were based in the south. That seems very cost-inefficient. Anyway, the league was in a good spot according to the commissioner. They were already thinking expansion, they were sure this was going to work, and had the players and coaches ready to go. Sure, they didn’t have a television contract (they tried to set something up with FOX and ESPN per that same link, but obviously, neither network bit), had already been delayed once, and they had a business model that seemed absurd if they’re relying on getting an average attendance of 25, 000 fans per game, but they’re confident. Would the league work? Part IV: The 1999 Season Scheduling a game on Easter Sunday in the Bible Belt probably isn’t a great idea. And when the league scheduled a preseason game between the Shreveport Knights and New Orleans Thunder on that day and got 1, 500 people, the commissioner was already starting to get concerned. Commissioner Bell said, “I just thought the crowds would be a little bit bigger. ” That’s always a good sign when the regular season hasn’t even started yet, and the commissioner is concerned about attendance. Before we start the regular season, this seems like a good time to plug the fact that the RFL still has an AngelFire page that’s up on the internet. Whether any of the phone numbers still work, I’m not sure (I’m leaning on the side of “no”). So, how did the inaugural season go? For the most part, very badly. Two weeks in, salaries were being slashed. It was complete chaos. The league said they weren’t folding, and none of the teams had folded yet, but they were clearly showing signs of trouble. Instead of the $30, 000 to $65, 000 per year salaries, players were now getting paid $500 per week. Ohio head coach Darrell Farmer resigned after two weeks because his contract wasn’t being honored. Yet, despite all of this, Jay Stallworth, the Director of Operations for Shreveport, said that the league was on the verge of establishing itself “as a legitimate league in the eyes of the NFL. ” Yeah… that never happened. As for attendance, it was nowhere near what the league hoped for. New Orleans drew 500 fans for their opener against Mobile. They drew 2, 000 for a game against the Mississippi Pride. Houston drew 800 fans for one of their games. The Toledo team played one of their games against Mobile in Charleston, West Virginia, and drew a grand total of 300 fans; Mobile drove 16 hours to get to the game, just to highlight why putting a team in Ohio was a bad idea in a southern football league. Attendance was pitiful… except for one team. For whatever reason, and I have no idea why, the Mobile Admirals actually drew very good crowds. Mississippi had decent crowds, all things considered; they had a week seven game against Mobile draw 7, 000 fans, and a week eight game against New Orleans draw 4, 200 fans. But Mobile was in a league of its own. Their week four game against New Orleans drew 10, 146 fans, and they followed that up the week after with a game against Mississippi where they drew 11, 026 fans. Remember- this was a league with no TV contract and very little coverage. They were drawing five figures to their games. No idea how they did it, but props to them, because the fact that there was a legitimate success from an attendance perspective in this league is shocking. Just to put into perspective how good Mobile’s attendance was compared to the rest of the league, they averaged roughly 10, 000 fans per game. The rest of the league averaged 2, 000. For the rest of the league (and even at times for Mobile), it was a clown show. After week four, the Ohio Cannon changed their name to the Toledo Cannon. After week seven, the New Orleans Thunder won their first game of the season after an 0-6 start; they beat the Toledo Cannon because Toledo forfeited the game. The following week, New Orleans won their second game of the season over Shreveport; they beat Shreveport because Shreveport forfeited the game. Turns out, Shreveport needed to pay the city $15, 700 and couldn’t muster up the money, so the city seized the team’s equipment and then locked them out of the stadium. Despite this, Shreveport owner Bud Collins said he had no plans of moving the team. These stadium issues were not limited to Shreveport. Someone actually went to Mississippi Pride games and wrote a blog post on it, and during one of the games, this happened: “In Jackson, a few hundred fans (including yours truly) faithfully attended the Pride games and saw some pretty darned good football in the process. It was a bit disconcerting one night, however, when the stadium lights went out in the middle of the game because the team owners had not paid the rent for the stadium. After some frantic negotiations with the stadium management, the lights came back on… eventually. ” That’s right. The lights went out in the middle of a game because the team hadn’t paid the rent. This seems like something out of a sports comedy movie. Some of the stadium issues with this league were comical. A scheduling conflict involving the Houston Outlaws was moved to Mobile because the stadium was booked. One game was moved to Jackson for some reason. A game at Tad Gormley Stadium involving New Orleans drew 125 fans, which included the equipment manager’s family; apparently, the Thunder spent $50, 000 in advertising, and it clearly did not work. The only fan of the team, a man named Doug Arena, said this: “It’s not getting promoted enough. There’s nothing in the paper, nothing on TV. I have some friends who think I’m pulling their leg when I say there’s another professional football team in New Orleans. ” I’m even convinced that some of the attendance numbers were inflated to an extent. New Orleans drew 4, 000 fans for one of their games, but for their other two home games, drew 625 fans combined. Something’s not adding up. Even Mobile, who drew 13, 256 fans to one of their games, likely inflated their attendance by about 5, 000 fans. At one point, Shreveport got so desperate to draw fans that they planned a B-52 flyover. Like that was going to get people to show up. And the league was so financially-stricken and decimated that not only did players leave teams midseason because of contract restructuring, and not only did the Mississippi Pride change owners midseason, but the league changed commissioners midseason, replacing Gus Bell with Ron Floridia. Oh, and they moved league offices midseason from Massachusetts to Mobile, which might be the first and only move that the league made during this season that actually made sense. The league planned a 12-week season. They wound up playing just eight weeks before calling the regular season short. If you want to see the standings for the regular season, here they are. Four teams made the playoffs, with Mobile, Houston, Mississippi, and the team formerly known as Ohio qualifying. As big of a clown show as the regular season was, the postseason would be even more of one. Part V: A Catastrophe of a Finish & Conclusion June 12, 1999. Mobile was hosting a game against Toledo after the abbreviated regular season. By this point, the writing was on the wall, as this game only drew 2, 873 fans. For the team that was averaging upwards of 10, 000 fans per game, to only draw 2, 800 fans for a playoff game is not a good sign. And for the 2, 873 fans in attendance, they got a game. Eventually. You see… when the game was supposed to start, Toledo wasn’t there. The league had planned to pay the winning team $1, 000 per player and the losing team $250 per player. However, for the Cannon, who just came off of a bus ride that was 21 hours long (again, showing why it was a terrible idea to put a team in Ohio), they wanted more. They wanted $1, 000. And when they didn’t get it, they went on strike. RFL is unfair. Floridia is in there, standing at the concession, plotting his oppression. Kickoff was supposed to be at 6:30. Toledo was in the locker room trying to bargain. As Cannon quarterback Major Harris put it, “we have been lied to all season, and we were not going to play until we got something. ” Eventually, they got their deal. Ohio starters would get $1, 000 for the game, and Ohio reserves would get $500 for the game. After a 25-minute strike, Toledo took the field and were assessed two delay of game penalties. Mobile won the game 35-14 and advanced to the first ever RFL Bowl, where they defeated the Houston Outlaws 14-12 in front of 5, 571 fans. Ohio folded shortly after their semifinal loss, not even surviving the entire first season technically. And you know it’s always a good sign when starting quarterback Thad Bubsy said in a postgame press conference after the game that he had his doubts that the league was going to survive. As he put it: “I really did [have my doubts]. It got kind of shaky there for a while and I don’t think anyone really knew what would happen. But it was good that we got to this point, and it’s always nice to win a championship. ” Despite the failures of the 1999 season and the hobble to the finish line, they planned a season for 2000. Leon Fulton, the owner of the New Orleans team, said that he was definitely going to move the team, and was looking at either Birmingham or San Antonio. And after firing Commissioner Floridia, they replaced him with… Gus Bell. That’s right- they brought back the man that they just fired. Unsurprisingly, the league folded and didn’t make it to the 2000 season; it died with a whimper, especially after news that the XFL was going to be playing in 2001. Every week, there were problems with this league. Stadiums were unable to be used at random points, salaries were slashed after just two weeks because attendance was well short of projections, a team folded and went on strike, there were multiple forfeitures, the regular season was cut short, and the league fired and then re-hired the same commissioner. The delayed start time did not help the league at all. The only positive to take away from this league is that it showed that, if done right, Mobile can support a team. Even if the numbers were slightly inflated, if they could draw over 10, 000 fans per game to this league that had no idea what it was doing, then they can support a legitimate minor league football operation, even if they can’t exactly support their minor league baseball team. Again, starting a football league is hard. Not many have succeeded. Only some have even come close to catching the attention of the NFL. And then some, like the RFL, failed miserably. Previous Posts History of the United Football League (2009-2012) History of the Spring Football League (2000) History of the Fall Experimental Football League (2013-2015) History of the Stars Football League (2011-2013) History of the Professional Spring Football League (1992).

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