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; Kristen Schaal; 241 vote; creator - Erich Hoeber; Country - USA; 6,2 / 10 stars. She might still be streaming. 😂👍👍🇺🇸. Untitled dave bautista project videos. Really you don't know WWE... Untitled dave bautista project full. Me:Mom can we have the rock Mum: No we have the rock at home The rock at home. Mcm bodoh ja. Why is there a thumbnail of nothing. Cerita yg aku cari slma ini.

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You know you're the greatest spy when everybody knows your name Ya sure that wouldn't mean you're bad at your job at being stealthy. Untitled Dave Bautista project home.

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Untitled dave bautista project youtube. Well no need to see the movie now, i feel like i just watched the whole thing. Finally Bautista, showing a true actor color, loved it. . Untitled dave bautista project video. I'd rather find it funny when both HHH & Batista are building up for wrestlemania match while they shown 2 movie trailers (My Spy & Stuber) instead.

Just finished it, awesome movie highly recommended to watch. Dave Bautista won’t have two comedies coming out within two months of each other after all. Ahead of this weekend’s release of the buddy comedy Stuber, in which Bautista stars opposite Kumail Nanjiani, STXfilms has pulled My Spy from its August 23rd release date. A new release date for the film is not yet set, as it’s simply been given a TBA date in Q1 of 2020. My Spy finds Bautista playing a CIA agent who’s forced to team up with a 9-year-old-girl when he’s tasked with watching her family. Stuber, meanwhile, finds Bautista playing an LAPD detective who reluctantly joins forces with an Uber driver to catch a notorious drug lord. Both films find Bautista playing a law enforcement official, both films find him in unusual pairings, and both are buddy comedies. So you can see why STXfilms might want to put a little distance between their movie and Stuber. Image via STX Entertainment No official reason was given for the move, but Deadline says it has to do with putting distance between the two films and allowing Bautista the time to do press for both. While STXfilms had a hit with this January’s The Upside —which grossed $122 million worldwide—the studio’s other three 2019 films stumbled: The Best of Enemies grossed only $10. 2 million, the comedy Poms faltered with $15. 3 million, and the expensive animated feature Ugly Dolls was a flop with just $26. 6 million. The studio needs a hit, so it makes sense they’d want to make sure they’re setting My Spy up for success. Still to come on the 2019 docket are Playmobil: The Movie opening August 30th, the stripper-centric Hustlers, and the Russo Brothers ­-produced crime drama 21 Bridges. The bigger question is why this My Spy move wasn’t made earlier, but perhaps early positive word on Stuber has the studio convinced folks won’t want to roll the dice on a second Dave Bautista comedy in under two months. Better late than never I suppose. Next up for Bautista is Dune, which hits theaters next year, and he’s about to start shooting Zack Snyder ’s Netflix zombie movie Army of the Dead.

Oh my God oh my God oh my God I just can't wait 4this. So as the school holidays comes to an end in Australia we finish off with yet another release of a children's film. The funny part is that it's a bit like a recipe, as it contains parts of all the other films I've reviewed already these summer holidays! You take the machismo of Playing with Fire, add the silliness of Farmageddon, plus a touch of heart from Frozen 2, not forgetting some funny one-liners from Jumanji, finish it off with some espionage from Spies in Disguise, garnish it with the child-friendly action of Star Wars and you have a perfectly satisfying film called My Spy. Mr. 9 and I ate it up (and reviewed it) last week when we saw it at Palace Nova cinemas!
JJ (Dave Bautista) is an undercover CIA agent who is not exactly inconspicuous. After a weapons deal goes horribly wrong he is assigned to surveillance duty with tech-specialist Bobbi (Kristen Schaal. Their job is to keep an eye on a mother and daughter who may be in danger if a global terrorist finds out where they live. But JJ isn't exactly qualified for surveillance duty and it's not long before he is caught out by clever 9 year old Sophie (Chloe Coleman) the girl he is supposed to be watching. The two work out an arrangement where Sophie won't tell her mum Kate (Parisa Fitz-Henley) that they are being watched, but only if JJ teaches Sophie how to become a spy. The two don't exactly get along but over time a friendship develops, much to the chagrin of Bobbi who knows that this is a serious breach of the CIA surveillance rules. But, as expected, trouble inevitably finds its way into Sophie and Kate's life and we are left to see whether the spy training that JJ gave this precocious 9 year old will succeed or fail spectacularly.
For a film like this, with a storyline that has been done to death plenty of times before, I was actually surprised at how much I liked My Spy. But my enjoyment didn't come so much from former WWE wrestler Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy, Stuber) but the confidence and acting ability of kid actor Chloe Coleman (Big Little Lies. In a lot of these 'kids teaching adults to be kids' films the child usually comes across as bratty and unlikeable but Coleman finds a great balance of clever, likeable and entertaining which Mr. 9 and I really found appealing. Also when you have a great comedy support cast like Kristen Schaal (Gravity Falls, Toy Story 4) and Ken Jeong (The Hangover movies) the laughter also lifts a notch too.
Mr.9: I really liked Sophie in this film when she is learning to become a spy. The part where she keeps looking at the explosions behind her was really funny because JJ had to keep turning her head around.
Bautista seems to have found his niche in Hollywood at taking characters who are large, muscle-bound, meat heads with not much going on upstairs. Alongside professional comedians like Schaal and Jeong his comedic acting can sometimes be painful to watch as he tries to compete with them for laughs but comes across more forced than natural.
And for those of you looking for an action film this is not entirely the case with My Spy. Although it is bookended with big, action, set pieces it is more a romantic comedy as much of the film is taken up with telling the story of JJ's budding friendship with Sophie and finding a possible love interest with her mum, Kate.
Mr. 9: It got really boring in the middle because there was no action happening. The bad guy was there at the start and then disappeared until the end of the film. It seemed different from what the trailer showed.
For those of you who are familiar with Dave Bautista you would know that he is bald up top. Yet for some unknown reason the hair and makeup team decided to either spray paint or put a toupee on top of his head which is jet black and extremely short. It looks so unnatural and left me staring at the top of his head for most of the movie. Somewhat in shock and somewhat in fascination I couldn't stop looking at this unusual follicle choice.
I didn't have high hopes for My Spy after seeing the trailer but walked out pleasantly surprised at how a completely unoriginal film could be so enjoyable. Bautista's charm and Coleman's likeability really carry this film above 'just another comedy. An enjoyable film to finish off the school holidays!
Mr. 9: All the spy stuff was fun and the movie was also pretty funny although it had a lot of swearing for a 'PG' film. Three and a half out five.

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Yup. It really is Tom Holland.
Man! He is the animal BATISTA everyone knew him. He is not someone who become famous only by reacting videos.

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Untitled dave bautista project free. 1:06:04 Rakam depan pkai boat tpi angle lain ksong. Untitled Dave Bautista.

Its actually really quite annoying knowing that this bag of piss probably had a budget of tens of millions of dollars but there are really good screenplays out there that cant get financed because studios are too scared to take a risk. I can't stop laughing at the sound of the bad guy laughing at the end of the trailer. Untitled Dave Bautista project website. Untitled dave bautista project song. Thats y u lost to triple h, Yeahhhh. Remind me when My Spy is released Save to Calendar Google Calendar Apple iCal Microsoft Outlook. Bane: You think darkness is your ally? But you merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it. Joker: Hold my clown shoes.

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Batista rules he's funny in his own way. I love the line we flood the island with blue. Aw I thouht this is the we're the Millers 2. You put mini Morgz body there like you did with pz2 he is not a monkey or he would rip off his suit. They say if he stands perfectly still, it becomes impossible to see him. My birthday is November 3 and i am youre biggest fan i love you❤️❤️. Quit judging him! At least He faught in MMA fight! Like a real man. The rock and john cena never did.

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