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Publisher: Kristin Rivers
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  1. Stephanie Wu
  2. 5,2 of 10
  3. NOUSHA HASSANI wants to marry the perfect Persian husband for her perfect Persian family. But her plans are derailed when she falls in love with ALEX TALBOT, an eccentric artist. When her traditional Muslim parents discover the two living together as domestic partners, they insist they officially get married. Nousha reluctantly agrees and the TALBOTS and the HASSANIS come together for a big Persian wedding. Over the course of one weekend, buried family wounds come rocketing to the surface, disaster ensues, and the couples relationship is tested
  4. Directed by: Sara Zandieh
  5. Genre: Romance, Comedy
  6. Score: 147 vote

What about hair and makeup? And did you have any bridesmaids? Are the rings included in this budget as well.
My favorite so far. You can feel their love and passion.
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Are u sure it was less than 1500 dollars. It looks pretty lavish and everything needed is there. A Simple wedding photographer. A Simple wedding dresses. LEGENDS! I WANT A NEW FILM OF KEANU AND SANDRA BULLOCK. A simple wedding where to watch. So beautiful. A simple wedding. Sooooperrrrrr. YouTube. لباست خیلی زشت و نامناسبه عزیزم برعکس خودت که انقدر خوشکل و با مزه ای.

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Please do a video on how you made this happen so cheap and any tips or tricks you have. A simple wedding trailer deutsch. A simple wedding renewal. Now this is interesting. LOL and then they will start fighting and likely divorce. A simple wedding 2018 movie. I'm excited for this movie 😂😂. A simple wedding. A simple wedding movie netflix. A simple wedding website. What is the name of the brewery? I live In Houston. A simple wedding trailer full movie. Advance happy birthday Gurmeet Choudhary uncle. He will act to look like a jerk, but will only succeed in being even more adorable. A simple wedding full movie. A simple wedding movie watch.


Id like to get married in a field or wooded area as well. Can you tell me more about how you got permission to use this area? Did you pay for it? Was the land owned by someone you know. Beautiful wedding. Did you have a plan for rain? I would love to have a small outdoor wedding like this but choosing a date far in advance and hoping for good weather stresses me out so much. A simple wedding review. “A Simple Wedding, ” which easily could have — and perhaps more aptly — been called “My Big Fat Persian Wedding, ” begins amusingly, driven by the engagingly hapless Nousha (a game Tara Grammy), an L. A. housing attorney who tries but can’t adhere to the cultural traditions of her Iranian American parents ( Shohreh Aghdashloo, Houshang Touzie) about love and marriage. But when Nousha falls for the unlikely Alex (Christopher O’Shea), an offbeat artist she secretly moves in with (in what feels like record time, even for a movie), Nousha’s parents are more worried about their daughter’s honor than that her beau is not Iranian. So a wedding is instantly set into motion and, of course, it’s a recipe for disaster, one that plays out in some contrived and implausible ways. The film’s second act ends too soon, leaving an overlong third act more focused on the predictable romance between Alex’s divorced mother ( Rita Wilson, a producer on “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”) and Nousha’s visiting uncle (Maz Jobrani) than on the Nousha-Alex dynamic. To its credit, the script, by director Sara Zandieh and Stephanie Wu, works hard at inclusivity. Unfortunately, while a lesbian couple is fun, the gay men feel like a throwback, and Alex’s bisexuality, which could have provided an intriguing and credible complication, goes nowhere. 'A Simple Wedding' In English and Farsi with English subtitles Not rated Running time: 1 hour, 28 minutes Playing: Starts Feb. 14, Lumiere Music Hall, Beverly Hills; Laemmle Town Center 5, Encino; Mission Grove 18, Riverside; also on VOD.

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